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Genyologen Pharmaceuticals


CEO of Genyologen, Starc Kontryst, age 38, assesses the health crisis with his board members and advisors. “President Thyme chewed my butt off when I asked him to fund our expensive research.

“We will feign cooperation with the coalition, but I want the serum we have already developed that eradicates the rhinovirus kept under lock and key. Continue offering it exclusively to employees as needed. Now, tell me something we can share with other companies that will not jeopardize our commercial advantage.”

Ambyent Lyte, the 29-year-old lead scientist for Genyologen, summarizes the situation. “Thanks to our proprietary treatment, none of our employees are dying from rhinovirus. About 40 percent of the population has embeddable microchips that might be remotely programmed to treat rhinovirus.

“We don’t yet have a programmable solution. We could farm that out and then ask for assistance with embedding the remaining 60 percent of the world with our technology.”

“Are there any generational exclusions for our serum?” asks Kontryst.

“None have been reported among pre- and post-GenetX or hybrid humans,” Ambient responds.

“Make sure Mega Hertz heavily encrypts all discussions on this matter as well as our proprietary serum. I will arrange a meeting with other CEOs,” says Kontryst.

Hold ’em and Fold ’em

CEOs Kontryst and Illumy meet in person with CEOs from smaller companies joining the boardroom via augmented reality. Illumy suggests an RNA modification vaccine similar to the one used in 2020.

Kontryst enlists their support to reprogram implantable microchips. He shares an extensive list of countries that require embeddable devices.

Everyone sees implantable microchips as an uphill battle. There is heated discussion on whether to develop a preventative vaccine or a serum treatment. Illumy hopes to cut a backdoor deal with the President.

Kontryst plans to use the consortium to advance its own commercial reach. These unrevealed personal motivations raise suspicions.

Illumy is fishing for better options to address hybrid humans and pre-GenetX. With the exception of Genyologen, each company shares death rates of 2–5 percent of their workforce. The inability of Kontryst to share its data is a source of contention.

The majority feel RNA modification may be the most expedient approach. It is something they have been working on independently without success. There is hope that with real collaboration, such a plan could accelerate. They also recommend sheltering in place.

After much banter, each CEO leaves, feeling they must continue unilateral development. This plays into the hands of Kontryst, who primarily wants everyone to waste more time on research. When Genyologen Pharmaceuticals reveals a solution, it plans to exact a premium price.

Though Kontryst is happy with the obfuscation, Illumy plans to launch an investigation into the death toll on the largest pharma-tech company in the world.

Seeking Serum

On the presidential promise of the best care available, his Chief of Staff, Stryk Baq, inquires about a serum with emergency-use authorization. President Thyme breaks the news that such is months away, according to his conversation with Jamsyn Genetics CEO.

After a week-long hospital battle with the rhinovirus, the hybrid grandson of Stryk dies. The President tells Stryk to take as much time as he needs off to mourn. After a week, the Chief of Staff is back at the White House.

In a press release, the President announces a Rhinovirus Task Force (RTF). Vice President Taryn Alexander and government special agent Maggie Jones will oversee progress of the pandemic. Neither are GenetX, but the president is unaware that this makes them susceptible to the virus.

Backdoor Deal

On hearing the news of a non-GenetX RTF, Illumy Nathan, CEO of Jamsyn Genetics, requests an in-person meeting with the President. Despite preferring him to meet with the new Task Force, the President grants a meeting along with his Chief of Staff.

Illumy must reveal more secrets. “Mr. President, have you given consideration to my prior recommendation?”

“I am still waiting for more information from the pharmaceutical consortium. Establishing RTF is the only action I feel comfortable with at the moment,” says the President.

“Forgive me, Sir. Can I have permission to be candid?” asks Illumy.

“Certainly, that’s why you’re here,” replies the President.

“You are making major decisions in a vacuum of information. Data reveals that non-GenetX are incubators of the rhinovirus. These are the very ones that make up the Task Force,” warns Illumy.

“Why wasn’t I made aware of this before now?” the President asks defensively.

“The situation is fluid. With all due respect, my prior recommendation would have prevented this fiasco,” Illumy forcefully replies.

“I trust the input from my Chief of Staff. Perhaps it’s time you loop in Stryk Baq on your proposal,” says the President.

Illumy presents a bleak warning. “This is very sensitive information. One careless news leak could derail the plan. Not only would the virus continue spreading unchecked, the President would lose public confidence. Your second-term goals would end.”

“With no upshot, I can see the reasons for the President’s trepidation,” replies Stryk.

“The entire human race is not heading for extinction. Those who adhere to controlled genetic reproduction—pure GenetX—are not susceptible to rhinovirus.

“It is the hybrid offspring produced through copulation with pre-GenetX. These are the ones dying. The only way to stop the plague is to sterilize the incubators and isolate the hybrids,” asserts Illumy.

Still reeling over the loss of his hybrid grandson, Stryk is speechless. So the President continues. “What are we to do with all the isolated hybrids?”

“I employ some of the brightest minds in genetics. They provide only two options: Shuttle the hybrids to a new planet to make the best of it or exterminate them,” suggests Illumy Nathan.

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