Cold Effect E4

Clinical Miniseries


Do or Die


The three-party Oval Office discussion continues. As President Thyme wraps his head around the sobering outcome, he seeks counsel from his advisor. “Stryk, what do you recommend?”

“If I understand correctly, looping in your Task Force requires notifying them that they will be sterilized by the vaccine,” Stryk reasons.

Illumy nods. “We have been in a transition phase for decades, giving citizens the opportunity to decide on traditional or controlled conception. Unless we monitor conception, there is little chance of stopping the spread of rhinovirus and other variants that may present themselves in the future.”

“While you mull over that, I have another revelation for you,” Illumy adds.

“Can it be any worse than this?” asks the President.

“Data from all pharmaceutical companies reveal workforce losses between 2 and 5 percent due to the rhinovirus. Genyologen Pharmaceuticals has none. We suspect that they may have a serum that they are issuing to employees. For some reasons, possibly commercial, they are withholding it from the world,” Illumy accuses.

The President reacts, “I could ask the CEO directly or subpoena his records!”

“I am being as transparent as possible. He will deny their existence, and with an army of defense lawyers, hinder execution of the search warrant” Illumy cautions before continuing. “Even if you do obtain the records, it could take the rest of your term to decrypt the data.”

“Tell me, what do you advise?” asks the President.

“On your order, my company, Jamsyn Genetics, can ramp up production of a 'vaccine’ that both sterilizes the incubators and non-lethally identifies hybrids under special light.

“I have given you options on what to do with them after that. If we could locate proof that a serum exists, there is a possibility that the hybrids can be saved,” says Illumy.

“That sounds less diabolical. How do we uncover the serum?” asks the President.

“We need to implant an inside man,” Illumy suggests.

“A spy?” reacts the President.

“Yes, a spy. I have a scientist named Ray Dyent. He is a 34-year-old hybrid. He can enter Genyologen Pharmaceuticals with a promise to reveal trade secrets. Once inside, we can determine whether or not he is given a serum,” suggests Illumy.

“What about my Task Force?” asks the President.

“The Vice President can be a mouthpiece for coalition announcements and potential fall-gal for the vaccine. Agent Jones can be Ray’s handler, if you are in agreement,” says Illumy.

The President asks, “What is the timeframe for all this?”

“The coalition is a farce. Everyone is autonomously working on solutions. Give me authorization to produce the vaccine. It will take a few months to ramp up. During that time, let’s see how far Ray can get within Genyologen Pharmaceuticals,” Illumy suggests.

The Chief of Staff, concurs. “This may be our best option. Within the next three months we can try to get our hands on the serum. You can then be the hero, Mr. President.”

“Illumy Nathan, you have a deal,” concludes President Aeonzov Thyme.


Illumy sends scientist Ray Dyent to meet with his handler, Maggie Jones, the federal agent.

Ray asks, “Will I have to wear a wire?”

“No, their technology can detect any listening device. The hard evidence we need is your witnessing an actual shot of protective serum and any files supporting it. We could also comb through any HR records for anomalies,” says agent Jones.

“Do you have some actual trade secrets to share with Genyologen Pharmaceuticals?” she continues.

“Obviously, I cannot disclose anything that jeopardizes my true employer, Jamsyn Genetics. We did invest extensive research in a serum that had too many side effects. So that project was scuttled. Given the current climate, I can make it seem current, and reveal enough data to sound credible,” suggests Ray.

“That seems perfect. Do you have one of their a microchips inside you?” asks agent Jones.

“No, I’m a hybrid,” replies Ray.

“They may try to implant you with a microchip, as an employee. It could jeopardize your freedom of movement within the company,” says Jones.

“I believe that if they do implant employees, it would be after a probation period, which is at least 6 weeks. I can’t imagine a company embedding their tech in a newcomer who is likely to walk away and reverse engineer it,” Ray reasons.

“Okay, if you are ready to do this, tomorrow you should submit an application for employment,” concludes agent Jones.

Job Hunt

Ray applies for a job as scientist at Genyologen Pharmaceuticals. With his credentials, he receives an interview with a 29-year-old lead scientist there named Ambyent Lyte.

“Your experience is quite impressive. Tell me why you are seeking a change from your current employment,” asks Ambyent.

“The main motivation is the desire to see a solution to the current health crisis. I have led several projects and feel a serum under development has promise. However, the team at Jamsyn has refocused on RNA modification. Either path could produce positive results, but I have more confidence in a serum,” Ray responds.

RNA modification has the best track record. What if you were to discover that Genyologen shares the same opinion as your current employer?” asks Ambyent.

“Well, perhaps I should be interviewing elsewhere,” Ray replies with a smile.

“Interesting. If you care to wait here for a moment, I need to discuss this with my superior. Would you like some coffee or sparkling water?” says Ambyent.

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