Cold Effect

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In the year 2092, the earth stands both at the edge of a new millennium and human extinction in this novella miniseries.

Health Crisis


”We have made great strides in eradicating every major affliction. Our families no longer mourn the loss of loved ones due to the ravages of cancer, heart disease, malaria, and over 3,000 stubborn ailments that reached up and pulled our fore­fathers down into the soil. On this precipice of a new era, we succumb to the innocuous infection of times past.

“As President of the United Coalition of Nations, I, Aeonzov Thyme, declare on this 22nd of February, 2092, an international health crisis. In doing so, I order all pharmaceutical companies, foreign and domestic to collaborate on a solution to end this enemy of life, health, and liberty. They should do so, without profit motive or personal advantage, but for the preservation of the human race into the 22nd century.”

To the cacophony of virtual and physical applause, the live transmission ends as cabinet members offer congratulatory commendation.

“That was a fine speech, President Thyme.”

“Appropriate tone for such an international crisis, Sir.”

“Mr. President, pharmaceutical companies must comply now.”

The worried President has much more to say in private. “Gentlemen, ladies, please clear the room except for my Chief of Staff, Mr. Stryk Baq.”

With the oval office empty, 47-year-old President Thyme begins venting to Stryk. For the love of Mars: Parkinson’s disease, asthma, autism, and Alzheimer’s—are all eradicated. And we have millions of people dying from the common cold like it’s the pandemic of 2020.

“Get me Mr. Starc Kontryst, CEO of Genyologen Pharmaceuticals, for an augmented reality conference. Since merging with Apple, it is the largest medical company on the planet. I want some assurances that he won’t drop the ball on this.”

“Right away, Mr. President. Is there anyone else you wish to speak with?” asks Stryk.

“I want to speak to them all, but I’ll have you do that for me, beginning with the CEO of Jamsyn Genetics, Mr. Illumy Nathan,” commands President Thyme.

“Yes, Sir. I will convey your concern. Starc Kontryst is now waiting for your augmented reality conference. I will leave you two alone,” Chief of Staff Stryk Baq says before exiting.

Call to Arms

“Kontryst, have a seat. You heard my proclamation. I want to look you in the eye and obtain assurance that you will come through on this,” urges the President.

“President Thyme, I already have hundreds of scientists exploring a range of methodologies for administering either vaccines or disease treatments. With the cooperation of the international community, I am confident we will soon have a remedy for this fatal contra­indica­tion,” says Kontryst.

“I certainly hope so, I cannot have the human race dying on my tenure as President.”

“Of course not. I must ask, though, why you are not willing to fund research? Why are you asking us to be philanthropic with our discovery?” asks Kontryst.

“I don’t want corporations wringing our Federal Reserve dry over a humanitarian effort,” replies the President. “Annual reports show that each pharmaceutical company is already profiting trillions of dollars per quarter.”

“Yes, Mr. President, but if I may draw your attention to the great pandemic of 2020. The government funded billions of dollars for research and then paid for vaccinations. Solutions were reached in record time,” highlights Kontryst.

“As I recall, that nearly bankrupted the government. And those funds bolstered the financial positions of big pharma. Today, they represent the largest companies on earth,” reasons the President. “I am calling to get reassurance and it seems you are trying to shake me down. Can I count on your cooperation, Starc Kontryst?”

“Yes, Mr. President, with the cooperation of other companies, Genyologen Pharmaceuticals will find a cure,” Kontryst assures.

“Thank you. That is all. I am ending transmission,” President Thyme concludes as the augmented reality figure disappears from the Oval Office.

The president then turns his attention to live updates on the global crisis, as millions die from the common cold. Reporters cast doubt on the leadership of President Aeonzov Thyme in this time of crisis. While some reporters praise the initial 'honeymoon period’ of the presidency, they wonder if his leadership is dying, along with the human family.

Honeymoon Period

A new couple has made marriage vows before family and friends. For their honeymoon, they now board an interplanetary shuttle, pioneered by SpaceX earlier in the century.

On Mars, 35-year-old Raydo Isotope and 29-year-old Halea Grymes will, at least momentarily, get away from the crisis on earth and have scientists engineer their genetic test-tube baby with custom DNA enhancements.

Everyone born in the GenetX DNA generation is distinguished by first and middle names that are creative spellings of technological characteristics. Their son will be named Syrkit Boyd.

They receive a digital photo album of their child’s appearance throughout life. The lab can even merge GenetX DNA parent data into a family album that shows them interacting throughout life.

At this point, they must decide whether they want to raise Syrkit Boyd on Mars or travel back to earth. During their conception honeymoon, they view the local neighborhoods with young colonizations and have a SpaceX Realtor go over financing for potential homes.

The beautiful Nili Patera region is filling up. Arabia Terra is another gorgeous development. Housing is more affordable in the Ireson Hill neighborhood.

Back at their honeymoon pod, Raydo and Halea have much to discuss.

Holding Raydo’s hand while looking through the photo album, Halea asks, “Can you see us making a life here for Syrkit Boyd?”

“It is something I have thought about since childhood. It is an expensive proposition. For the price of a small home here, we could buy a mansion on earth and pay for Syrkit Boyd’s education,“ Raydo reasons.

“Yes, I know. But we only get one child and our parents are willing to help with the finances. They have good jobs on earth,” Halea replies.

Raydo expresses further concern. “Job prospects are limited on Mars. It is not entirely autonomous yet. Marisens require frequent shipments of essentials from earth. Here, I could only be a spacecraft mechanic or provide remote AR technical support.”

“That’s an over-simplification. There are plenty of job opportunities for someone with your experience. You are an executive scientist at Jamsyn Genetics. Why are you downplaying the opportunity here?” Halea pushes back, before continuing.

“Without a vaccine, there will be no life on earth! What do you think that will do to property values here on Mars?”

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