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'Vitamin D Deficiency and Sources'

Do You Have Enough Vitamin D?

What seems like a simple question baffles many people with low vitamin D, and the doctors who treat them.

Nutrition 'Man having night terror'

Nutritional Remedy For Vertigo and Fatigue

With compromised equilibrium and fatigue, it seemed there was no way to endure. Relive the solution.

Nutrition 'Fish oil pills and lemon'

Why Fish Oil is Dangerous

Many fish oil products are rancid before consumers get them home. Weigh risks and benefits of fish oil supplements.

Emotions 'Vitamin Deficiencies Affect Mood'

Vitamin Deficiencies Affect Your Mood

Abnormal stress, masking a personal tragedy, or skipping required nutrition can overshadow an ordinarily pleasant personality, causing social conflicts.

Nutrition 'Are Multivitamins Placebos?'

Are Multivitamins Placebos?

Clinical research suggests that vitamin supplements offer little to no health benefits — until you research the research.


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Nutrition 'Is Your Body Craving B12?'

Is Your Body Craving B12?

Animal products provide optimum food sources for vitamin B12. But not just vegans are at risk. Learn the symp­toms of deficiency and how to maintain peak levels for better health.

Nutrition 'Urine Color With Vitamin B12'

Vitamin B12 Stains Your Undies

B12 supplements and foods high in B12 can tint urine orange to green. Despite side effects, vitamin B12 offers these health benefits.


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