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'How Much Is Enough Protein?'

Consume Enough Protein

Based on a research study, there may be a direct correlation between protein consumption, muscle atrophy and obesity.

Food 'Guacamole Cones'

Guacamole With A Twist

Here's a way to cut back on simple carbo­hydrates, elimi­nate most of the chips but still enjoy all the flavor of the beloved guacamole.

Food 'Where Does Your Meat Come From?'

Food Factorization

With in­hu­mane treat­ment of farm animals, are you ready for plant-based alternatives?

Food 'How to Make Food More Nutritious'

You Can Fortify Your Own Foods

Why depend upon fortified processed foods? Add super-hero supplemental foods to your meals while cooking at home. Is fortification necessary?

Clinical science 'A Little Monsanto In Each of Us'

A Little Monsanto GMO in Each of Us

Genetically modified organ­isms are in our refri­gera­tors, on our shelves, and likely in our diges­tive system right now.


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Nutrition 'No More Boring Breakfasts'

No More Boring Breakfasts

Identify which days you can have homemade balanced meal. Is it Saturday morning or a few times during the week?

Food 'Does Your Urine Hate Asparagus?'

Why Your Urine Hates Asparagus

Asparagus can be a tasty and nutri­tious vege­table. Why does this love affair end when visit­ing the toilet?

Food 'Get Ready for Fat Vegans'

Vegan Fast Food Health Problems

The junk food that overtook the world, ushering in obesity, is now reaching the waists of vegetarians and vegans.

Nutrition 'Vitamin D Deficiency and Sources'

Do You Have Enough Vitamin D?

What seems like a simple question baffles many people with low vitamin D, and the doctors who treat them.

Fitness 'Los Angeles Vegetarian Road Trip'

Best Chefs Fail to Satisfy Vegetarians

Many restaurants in metropolitan areas are elevating the flavor profile of vegetarian cuisine while others offend palates.

Nutrition 'Man having night terror'

Nutritional Remedy For Vertigo and Fatigue

With compromised equilibrium and fatigue, it seemed there was no way to endure. Relive the solution.

Nutrition 'Fish oil pills and lemon'

Why Fish Oil is Dangerous

Many fish oil products are rancid before consumers get them home. Weigh risks and benefits of fish oil supplements.


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