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'Gusto Green Squash Blossom pizza'

Best Southern California Vegan Cuisine

Take a tour with me to some of the most highly regarded vegan restaurants in Southern California. Do they dazzle or disappoint?

Nutrition 'Chile relleno'

Low-Oxalate Dinner Recipes

These hearty recipes focus on low oxalates without compromising flavor and meal variety.

Nutrition 'Low-Oxalate Breakfast Recipes'

Low-Oxalate Breakfast Recipes

Wake up for these four low-oxalate veggie breakfast recipes, which include Flourless Banana Pancakes, Kale Goat Cheese Frittata, and more!

Nutrition 'Granola bars'

Low-Oxalate Snack Recipes

Take control of your oxalate level by preparing your healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day!

Nutrition 'Edamame cucumber salad'

Low-Oxalate Meal Plan

Adjusting to a low-oxalate diet can be challenging without a meal plan. This sample weekly calendar assists with shopping lists and food preparation.


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Food 'No-Egg Mayonnaise'

The No-Egg Mayonnaise

Try the egg-free mayonnaise alternative without losing the taste and consistency you expect in salad dressings, and sauces.

Food 'Beef burger with chili and fried onions'

Avoid Restaurant Burgers

The best burgers in the city are under your roof. Shop practical and make healthy versions in your kitchen to improve health and save money.

Food 'Plea For Vegetarianism'

Plea For Plant-Based Diet

The dependence upon meat is disproportionate to the benefit. You don’t crave meat as much as you do protein.

Food 'The Unhealthy Vegetarian'

Don’t Be The Unhealthy Vegetarian

Not all vegetarians are thin. While ventur­ing into this supposed­ly healthy life­style, follow these tips to avoid gaining tens of pounds.

Food 'Vegetarian Obstacles'

Vegetarian Obstacle

The transition from omni­vore to vege­tarian generally boils down to how to satisfy the protein craving.

Nutrition 'Pandemic Nutrition'

Pandemic Nutrition

While sheltering in place, we might not get enough food variety for the nutrients we need. These vitamin supple­ments may be necessary.

Food 'Crispy Pan Fried Pesto Salad'

Crispy Pan Fried Ramen Pesto Salad

Turn a popular humble noodle into a quick, economical, nutritious, vegan gourmet meal with pan-fried ramen.


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