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'Seriousness of HIV and AIDS'

HIV and AIDS Remain Serious

First identified among the homo­sexual community in 1981, by the 1990s HIV became a threat to any sexually active individual. What is today’s outlook?

Dermatology 'Living With Genital Herpes'

Living With Genital Herpes

There are two types of herpes. Cold sores are com­mon mani­festa­tions of HSV-1. Genitals are breed­ing grounds for HSV-2. What can you expect with treat­ment?

Emotions 'Enduring Unrequited Love'

Enduring Unrequited Love

How do you cope with the pain when you are not on the receiving end of someone’s love or a chasm hinders mutual displays of affection?

Mental health 'Narcissistic Behavior'

Manifesting Narcissistic Behavior

If you have narcissistic person­ality disorder, the people around you share your problem. How can this affect work relationships?

Parents 'Outgrowing Your Family Bed'

Outgrowing Your Family Bed

At what age is it no longer appropriate for small children to fall asleep beneath their parent’s or sibling’s sheets?


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Mental health 'How to Work With Obsessive '

Working With People Having Obsessions

Mental health professionals try to fix them and the unin­formed often stigmatize these gener­ally high-functioning individuals.

Emotions 'Bearded man uncomfortable listening'

How To Prevent Oversharing

If your personal revelation begins with, “This may shock you…” it is probably a good idea to put the rest of the statement on hold while you contemplate consequences.

Woman 'The Battle Against HPV'

The Battle Against HPV

Virus that causes oral cancer shares characteristics with cervical cancer. Learn how to recognize signs and prevent human papillomavirus.

Gerontology 'Could You Be a Good Caregiver?'

Could You Be a Good Caregiver?

Patients can become demanding with little motiva­tion for self-sufficiency. Read how a pro­spec­tive caregiver under­estimates the task.

Mental health 'Estranged Family'

Anatomy of an Estranged Family

Fresh explanation of Dead Mother Complex reveals why displaying affection may be more complex than you think. This might be the root of familial dysfunc­tion. Use discretion on emotional content.


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