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'Raising Child Conceived From Rape'

Raising Child Conceived From Rape

Complexities escalate in a single-parent household when the man who raped you seeks joint custody or visitation rights.

Woman 'Woman defense against physical abuse'

Used, Abused and Renewed

Draw strength from the stories of men and women who over­come shack­les of emotional obsta­cles to renew their lives.

Neurology 'Sleepwalking Dangers'

Sleepwalking Dangers

Are you or a family member awaken­ing with fatigue and unexplained injuries? Do you live with someone and hear strange bumps during the night?

Neurology 'Endorphins Motivate Exercise'

Endorphins Motivate Exercise

Train yourself to enjoy exer­cise by rewarding yourself with endor­phins in the form of healthy pleasures after a workout.

Individual 'Pandemic is Perfect Workaholic Environment'

Home-Office Workaholic Dangers

Working at home is conven­ient, but your body needs rest. Too little sleep leads to fatigue. It also impairs skin and cognitive function.


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Emotions 'Enduring Unrequited Love'

Enduring Unrequited Love

How do you cope with the pain when you are not on the receiving end of someone’s love or a chasm hinders mutual displays of affection?

Mental health 'Narcissistic Behavior'

Manifesting Narcissistic Behavior

If you have narcissistic person­ality disorder, the people around you share your problem. How can this affect work relationships?

Addictions 'Avoid Cybersex'

Avoid Risqué Videos

Have you begun the down­ward spiral into sex addic­tion? Do not allow your­self to become a victim of cybersex.

Neurology 'Welcome To A Migraine Symphony'

Welcome To A Migraine Symphony

This vivid narrative describes vertiginous migraine symptoms with orchestral language. Then it uncovers a mysterious trigger.

Addictions 'Selfie Addiction'

Selfie Culture Syndrome

Snapping self-photos can become addictive. How do you know when it has gotten out of control?

Dermatology 'Remedies for Persistent Itching'

Itching For a Cure

It is best to examine the area before scratching, which alters appearance of the skin, can cause infection and post-resolution scaring.

Addictions 'Managing Your Obsessions'

Managing Your Obsessions

Learn to prioritize. With cognitive beha­vioral therapy, this is possible for those with OCPD and to a lesser degree for someone with OCD.


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