Used, Abused and Renewed

⚠️ Reader Discretion Advised. Includes abuse detail.

What is Abuse?


Through mental manipulation, some people blame themselves. Others are not aware they are being abused. Abuse is characterized as any behavior that inten­tion­ally harms or injures another person. It may take several forms, ranging from disrespect to physical or mental distress caused by another. It can happen in someone’s home, a hospital, a care facility, or a public location.

The abusers are often members of the family, partners, or trusted friends. They themselves may have survived abuse that they now inflict upon someone else. Often, the people who commit abuse are taking advantage of a special relation­ship or circumstance. Some are empowered by a group of deviant peers, perhaps at fraternity parties.

Types of Abuse

There are different types of abuse that perpetrators use against their victims, most types overlap. Abuse includes physical, sexual, psychological, verbal, emo­tion­al, mental, financial, and spiritual cruelty. Some abusers barter for favors.

People Who Have Been Used, Abused, and Renewed

Real examples of people who have endured abuse will follow. Some details may be troubling to read. Focus on the strategies victims used to overcome someone else’s abusive behavior. The goal is that it may motivate you to also arise from an abusive situation.

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Updated: Dec 8, 2022