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'Obese overweight stomach squeeze'

Easy Pandemic Weight Loss

Joining a gym, sipping green smoothies, and lifting truck tires is one route to losing weight. An easier way costs virtually nothing with rapid results.

Humor 'Teens laughing'

Birth of Inclusivity

This article may seem to be about obesity. It might sound cruel. But the point is that health problems and moral issues are acquies­cing to inclusivity.

Fitness 'Kettle ball gym workout'

Strengthen Core Muscles

Your core-muscle strength is arguably more important than biceps. What problems occur when neglected and how can you strengthen them?

Emotions 'Water meditation'

Avoid Negative Affirmations

Would you rather endure the short time it takes to form a good habit or years of pain and discomfort? Your actions speak louder than words.

Food 'Herbs For Cooking, Not Smoking'

Herbs For Cooking, Not Smoking

The best way to get used to cooking with herbs is to grow and use them. These popular herbs will make your meals sing like a 1960s music duo.


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Food 'Plea For Vegetarianism'

Plea For Plant-Based Diet

The dependence upon meat is disproportionate to the benefit. You don’t crave meat as much as you do protein.

Food 'Train Yourself To Eat Less'

Train Yourself To Eat Less

Most people keep eating until they are full. But this is not a good indicator of when to put your fork down.

Nutrition 'Lose Weight Without Dieting'

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Like a rubber band, every time you diet, the weight comes right back. It is time for a different approach.

Fitness 'Poolside female swimmer'

Sculpt A Healthy Happy Bikini Body

Are you ready to strap on swim­wear before lounging pool­side while social dis­tanc­ing? Follow these tips to get in shape for the summer.

Food 'Lose Weight With The Foods You Love'

Lose Weight With The Foods You Love

Diets fail when you resume eating the foods you love. Learn portion control for indulgences while introduc­ing a larger group of healthy food options.

Food 'The Unhealthy Vegetarian'

Don’t Be The Unhealthy Vegetarian

Not all vegetarians are thin. While ventur­ing into this supposed­ly healthy life­style, follow these tips to avoid gaining tens of pounds.

Food 'Vegetarian Obstacles'

Vegetarian Obstacle

The transition from omni­vore to vege­tarian generally boils down to how to satisfy the protein craving.


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