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'Woman lying on couch with early signs and symptoms of celiac disease'

Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease

If you have health issues you are unsure of, here are the early signs and symptoms of celiac disease you may be dealing with.

Rheumatology 'Female lupus facial blemishes'

Suppress Cutaneous Lupus Breakouts

Lupus can be so debilitating that you want to retreat into the solitude of your home. With proper care, you needn’t be a prisoner.

Cardiology 'Blood components'

Acquired Aplastic Anemia

A rare triple-threat anemia can deplete each major blood compo­nent, reducing energy, decreas­ing lung and heart function.

Dermatology 'Vitiligo Arm'

Spotlight on Vitiligo

As a person with vitiligo, you no longer have to live in obscurity. Vitiligans are stepping into the spotlight with prominent careers.

Clinical science 'CRISPR Regenerative Medicine'

New Life For Regenerative Medicine

By modifying DNA, CRISPR is giving regenera­tive medi­cine a new shot in the arm. Human genetically modified organisms may combat diseases.


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Rheumatology 'Juvenile Arthritis Symptoms and Treatments'

What is Juvenile Arthritis?

Juvenile, or childhood, arthritis is a broad term used to describe the many auto­immune and inflam­matory conditions that can develop in children under 17.

Internist '3 Undesirable Medical Conditions'

Three Phrases You and Your Doctor Avoid

As a patient, do you have the audacity to suggest you have one of these ailments that shocks your doctor?

Rheumatology 'Wolf face'

Life With Lupus

This autoimmune system disorder may go undetected for months or years with symp­toms ranging from mild to aggres­sive attacks on skin and internal organs.

Otolaryngology 'Mold Causes Vertigo and Chronic Fatigue'

Mold Causes Vertigo, Rash, Backache and Chronic Fatigue

Are you a business or home­owner conside­ring profes­sional water-damage remedia­tion? Are you a renter trying to convince a land­lord to properly treat mold and mildew?

Oncology 'How Quickly Do Cancers Spread?'

How Quickly Do Cancers Spread?

Does cancer manifest itself within weeks, months or years? How quickly does it metastasize? Predisposed patients should be diligent with regular health evaluations. But what tests are most effective?

Endocrinology 'Facts Versus Myths About Diabetes'

Facts Versus Myths About Diabetes

Diabetes is primarily a diet issue. As proof, patients have been cured of it. This article clarifies seven popular myths and describes what it’s like to cope with diabetes.

Neurology 'Pain sufferer'

Step Into Shoes of Chronic Pain Sufferers

Chronic pain sufferers need more endurance. Whether you are a friend, loved one or personal physician, here is an introduction to the world of these heroes that deserve our support.


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