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'Google Pay Shopper'

Google Pay Replaces Android

Joining over a dozen other pay­ment options, Clinical­Posters now accepts Google Pay for Android devices. If installed on your Android smart­phone or Chromebook, you’ll see Google Pay checkout option.

Website 'Controversy Rises as High Blood Pressure Guidelines Lowers'

Controversy Rises as High Blood Pressure Guideline Lowers

POLL RESULTS — Previously, 120/80–139/89 mm Hg was treated as pre-hypertension. Under new guidance, 130/80 is now stage-1 hypertension. At what stage of compliance are you?

Fulfillment 'Enjoy The Journey With Us'

Enjoy Your Journey With Us

Customer service doesn’t end when you click the checkout button. We invite you on an interactive family excursion through enjoyable ClinicalPosters features.

Products 'Why You Need Laminated Posters'

Why You Need Laminated Posters

Contamination is gross to consider Two-stage defense provides hygienic UV protection and a surface that can be disinfected by wiping away germs.

Website 'How To Gain Access To Health Blog'

Gain Full Access To Health Blog

Anatomy poster content supple­ments Health blog articles. Gain access to all articles for free.


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Marketing 'Simply Login and Enjoy Benefits'

Simply Login to Enjoy Benefits

Customer login is optional for shopping at ClinicalPosters. However, automatic medical interest discounts, a distinguishing benefit of this site, requires login. This shopping method also enables o...

Products 'ADA Compliant Examination Rooms'

ADA Compliant Examination Rooms

Medical offices are for sick and disabled people. It is unethical and illegal to cater solely to the healthy and able-bodied.

Marketing 'Your Medical Specialty Has Value'

Your Medical Specialty Has Value

In an era of specialties, we are excited to offer a special way to reward the many individuals, doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators who have made ClinicalPosters their home.

Social media 'How to Save a Big Pin'

How to Save a Big Pin

Image size can vary according to the method it is pinned. For maximum-size on your Pinterest boards and best selection, install the Pinterest Browser Button plugin.

Website 'Welcome to Our Site Relaunch'

Welcome to Our Site Relaunch

ClinicalPosters brand is strengthened by new logotype, color scheme and technologies. We are migrating only blog articles that add value to the products you purchase.

Marketing 'A Shopping Cart That Follows Your Lead'

A Shopping Cart That Follows Your Lead

Outdated: Let Cart Harmony follow your trans­action, regard­less of your shopping device.

Fulfillment 'Packing supplies'

Love The Way We Handle Poster Shipping

It takes more than a stamped envelope to ship undamaged posters anywhere in the world. The extra care is reflected in nominal shipping and handling fees.


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