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'RSS feed blocks'

Enable Selective Shopify RSS

Hooray! RSS feeds for Shopify blogs are working. Manage multiple blogs on your site with a little Liquid programming code modification.

Programming 'Female podcaster'

Text-to-Speech Website

Activate text-to-speech on your website for longer visitor engage­lment. Use global Shopify settings to upgrade later.

Writing 'Group playing charades'

Avoid Homographs in Stories

Writers, do not jeopardize the emotional connection with readers by choosing words that have the same spelling but different meanings.

Social media 'Two men editing Photoshop image'

Compositing Images

By replacing the background, composting can result in a truly unique image. Color cast and lighting angle are two challenges of compositing.

Writing 'Intent attentive couple'

Bonding With Characters

As a writer, do you bond with the characters you invent for your stories? If not, here are some tips to make them come alive.


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When You Became Data

Congratulations. You have graduated from an individual into data on cloud storage devices.

Writing 'Anxious female computer user'

Avoid Online Writing Dangers

You can lose your work when typing into an online blog portal. Here are three dangers, along with ways to prevent disaster.

Technology 'Web camera'

Who’s Watching You?

How vigilant is your effort to maintain camera privacy on your digital devices whether you are at home or away?

Programming 'Network security'

Anti-Spam Blog Comments

If your blog articles include an option to leave a comment, you can block SPAM by requiring user login and stripping HTML from their remarks.

Programming 'Hairstylist trimming hair'

Variable-Length Web Page Titles

Occasionally, page title plus store name exceeds opti­mum length. This simple modifica­tion suppresses the addi­tion of your store name when necessary.

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Interview ClinicalNovellas Author

Enjoy an interview with the brainchild of Novellas, the latest blog mystery mini­series on the ClinicalPosters website.

Writing 'Female Superhero'

Creative Medical Writing

As a writer, you can use words to evoke emo­tion and sen­tences that trans­port readers into new des­tina­tions, only if you have the power of creative writing.


Fictional health stories written like movies and formatted like books


Informative, sometimes evocative, health and wellness articles


Useful articles about emerging technology and marketing

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