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An online marketplace can provide the boost you need to catapult a career as a writer or creator of niche products. What are some cautions to consider?

Publish Insights 9 April 2022


A marketplace comprises stores within a store. Amazon is the largest example. Though the site sells many of its products, Amazon is comprised of many merchants. Etsy and Fiverr are other popular online marketplaces. Even Shopify, with its Shop app, is one. There are many others.

If you have something to sell, a marketplace offers the advantage of dual marketing. You do your part while the marketplace search engine also helps propel your brand. In many cases, there are also options to display your products or services more frequently for a fee.

Suppose you’re a writer who wants to sell your services. Your website will take considerable time, effort, and expense to gain traction. You will also be competing with available marketplaces. Joining the places where people are already searching for your skills can boost visibility.


Like many before, you may feel if you can’t beat them, join them. But be careful. Marketplace membership thrives on favorable reviews and ratings. If they overpromise and you underdeliver, you could find yourself writing an exit strategy.

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The paradox of joining a marketplace is that you can simultaneously receive more visibility and more competition. Others offering similar skills may undercut you with price or additional services. So you could be opening up Pandora’s box.


Getting more work builds confidence and recognition. Earning money while doing so keeps your business afloat. Craft a system for delivering repeatable great results.

As a creative writer, offer to provide character descriptions and chapter outlines. This prevents you from typing aimlessly into an abyss of uncertain approval.

If you write product descriptions, display samples, or offer to provide one before committing to write a large catalog. Establish your fee based on the collection of services you provide. It will be far more rewarding for you and your customers if you underpromise and overdeliver.

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