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'Fresh bottled juices'

Satisfied Without Solid Food

You don’t want to do it. And I don’t recommend it. But how long could you live without solid food?

Food 'Healthy snacks'

Choose Healthy Snack Options

If you are finding it difficult to resist unhealthy snacks, here are some clever substitutions to satisfy your cravings.

Nutrition 'Cashew-Hemp Protein Powder Recipe'

Cashew-Hemp Protein Powder

Enjoy this custom protein powder base to use in many of your nutritious fruity smoothies.

Food 'Blend Better Smoothies'

Blend Better Smoothies

Which NutriBullet is best? Without a proper blender, we might settle on high-caloric ice cream with protein powder.

Food 'Make Smoothies That Satisfy Hunger'

Are You A Smoothie Criminal?

Several factors determine whether your smoothies are satisfying and healthy. Cut through the misinformation and learn what science reveals.


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Nutrition 'Blender with peas and nuts'

Easy Peasy Protein Powder Recipe

Exchange a two-pound $40 tub of protein powder for three pounds of raw almonds and a half pound of dried split peas. Keep the change and enjoy a nutty, all-natural protein powder made with your per...

Nutrition 'No Whey Hemp is Better Than Soy Protein Powder'

No Whey Hemp is Better Than Soy Protein Powder

Whether you are a body­building champion, lactating mom, growing teenager or sedentary executive, you should not ignore your need for protein. Is hemp better than soy plant-based protein supplements?


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