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'Coronavirus Vaccine Reactions'

Coronavirus Vaccine Reactions

Outdated: People are reacting to the COVID-19 virus after recovery while others react to the notion of an early vaccine promising high efficacy rates.

Immunology 'Aerosolized Virus Too Scary to Admit'

Adapting To Aerosolized Virus

Outdated: This takes the coronavirus to a whole new level. What precautions must people take when air, in the absence of people, is contagious?

Pulmonology 'Your Lungs Cannot Tell The Difference'

Lungs Cannot Tell Difference

You might respond negatively if someone asks if are you a smoker. But if you are frequently around smoking, do your lungs know the difference?

Dermatology 'Hard to Feel Scleroderma'

Hard to Feel Scleroderma

Your skin begins harden­ing. What factors suggest internal organ damage? How can this require dermatology, rheumatology, and pulmonology experts?

Pulmonology 'Considering a Lung Transplant'

Considering a Lung Transplant

With many improve­ments to lung trans­plant surgery since the 1980s, post-op requires a daily cocktail of immuno­suppres­sive drugs and antibiotics.


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Pulmonology 'Closing In On Cure For Covid-19'

Closing In On Covid-19 Cure

Outdated: For most people, COVID-19 attacks lungs or other systems of the body. Results from a Phase 3 clinical trial promise a viable vaccine by January 2021—or not.

Immunology 'PPE face mask'

Behind The Mask

Outdated: Which masks are best for virus protection? While supplies last, ClinicalPosters is selling PPE for use outside of the medical profession.

Emotions 'Breathe Easier Without Psychosomatic Illness'

Breathe Easier

At least until a coronavirus vaccine is widely available, we will be wearing masks when leaving the house. Are you prepared?

Immunology 'Health Care During Pandemic'

Health Goes On

Outdated: Even during a pandemic, normal health care con­tinues. The distinction is now there is the extra burden of an insidious coronavirus.

Immunology 'What Doctors Know About COVID-19'

What Doctors Know About COVID-19

Outdated: From nearly 1 million cases, epidemiologists can explain how the disease spreads, but not yet how to package prevention into a vaccine.

Immunology 'Asthma With COVID-19 Concerns'

Asthmatics Susceptible to COVID-19

Until more data is available, anyone with chronic lung problems, including asthma, should take extra precautions to avoid any additional respiratory infections.

Pulmonology 'Coronavirus State of Emergency'

Coronavirus State of Emergency

Outdated: Joining other states, California declares state of emergency while asking citizens to remain calm.


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