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'People With Anorexia Don’t See Thin'

Anorexics Don’t See Thin

There are several causes for eating disorders. The solu­tion to anorexia nervosa is not as simple as eating more. Anorexics are trying to look normal.

Parents 'Raising Child Conceived From Rape'

Raising Child Conceived From Rape

Complexities escalate in a single-parent household when the man who raped you seeks joint custody or visitation rights.

Neurology 'Sleepwalking Dangers'

Sleepwalking Dangers

Are you or a family member awaken­ing with fatigue and unexplained injuries? Do you live with someone and hear strange bumps during the night?

Fitness 'Woman awakening tired'

Begin Your Day With More Energy

The amount of energy your body has to power through the day depends on what you do the night before and how you start your morning.

Mental health 'Intimate look'

When Love Becomes Obsession

After falling in love, devo­tion is the founda­tion of a long-lasting rela­tion­ship. For your safety, distin­guish devotion versus obsession.


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Mental health 'Adult Effects When Sexually Abused As Child'

Surviving Sexual Abuse

Some survivors of child­hood sexual abuse can function well in society. Others deal with psycho­lo­gi­cal, physical, and behavioral symptoms.

Mental health 'Help For Bipolar Disorder'

Gain Control of Bipolar Disorder

Uncontrollable outbursts or hyper­activity contrasting periods of depression could be signs of mental illness for which treatment is available.

Individual 'Pandemic is Perfect Workaholic Environment'

Home-Office Workaholic Dangers

Working at home is conven­ient, but your body needs rest. Too little sleep leads to fatigue. It also impairs skin and cognitive function.

Mental health 'Narcissistic Behavior'

Manifesting Narcissistic Behavior

If you have narcissistic person­ality disorder, the people around you share your problem. How can this affect work relationships?

Mental health 'Coronavirus Fatigue vs Pandemic Fatigue'

Cope With Pandemic Fatigue

Outdated: With or without a COVID-19 diagnosis, your sleep may not be rejuvenating, you have cognitive dysfunction, and little strength to accomplish physical tasks.

Emotions 'Disillusion of Racism'

Disillusion of Racism

I would like to believe that despite his­tori­cal biases, large swaths of people are not inherently bad.

Emotions 'Coping With Emotions During Pandemic'

Pandemic Emotional Toil

What happens when anxiety over­takes a signifi­cant portion of the popula­tion? If you are feeling over­whelmed, reach out for help before it escalates.


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