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54 articles tagged Behavioral health
'Amputee mother with toddler'

Physical Disability and Pregnancy

Bestowing the gift of life is not limited to able-bodied women. How can those with physical limitations overcome the challenges?

Addictions 'Psychedelic paintbrush artwork'

LSD Unfair Creative Advantage?

For more than half a century, mind-altering psychedelic drugs have played a significant role in artistic perception. What new trends affect your creative aspirations?

Mental health 'Homeless hands'

Skidless Hometown

If you lost your job with an inadequate financial safety net and wound up on the street, what assistance would you desire?

Mental health 'Stressed out man'

Obsessions or Common Sense?

Whether concealed or public, we all have habits, rituals, or idiosyncra­sies. Are you comfortable living with your obsessions?

Relationships 'Couple argues in robes'

Cope With Your Mate’s Habits

Couples who are together for decades develop coping mechan­isms to deal with each other’s habits. Learn to sepa­rate minor annoy­ances from bad habits.


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Pediatrics 'African-American woman portrait'

School Nurses Are Family Doctors

School nurses are well aware of the choices low-income parents face. In many cases they willingly assume the role of de facto family physician.

Emotions 'Depressed woman'

Overcoming A Breakup

Losing your first love is hard. Divorce is devas­tat­ing. Do you try to recon­cile or move on. How can you move for­ward with this hole in your heart?

Emotions '26 Common Pet Peeves'

Avoid My Pet Peeves

Your pet peeves can make or break a relationship. Find out which things bother you and your mate. Then decide which might change or are tolerable.

Khn 'Couple holding white tiny house'

Tiny Houses for Homeless

How the tiny-home movement is providing more than just a roof to homeless people.

Emotions 'Troubled teens'

Troubled Teen Industry Loopholes

Residential youth treatment programs sometimes use questionable methods for behavioral health issues. Despite state laws, families still complain.

Nutrition 'Woman bingeing on donut'

You Can’t Compete With Bulimia

Binging and purg­ing to main­­tain a com­fort­­able appear­­ance is not a strategy. It is a health problem.

Mental health 'Self-Injury Cuts on Arm'

Cutting Pattern of Self-Injury

Are you prone to cut, burn, or hurt yourself in other ways to cope with emotional stresses? Help is available before it becomes a pattern.


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