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'Mother playing with child'

Special Needs Son Health Care

This doctor thought she could navigate U.S. health care. Then her autistic son needed help.

Emotions 'Depressed woman'

Overcoming A Breakup

Losing your first love is hard. Divorce is devas­tat­ing. Do you try to recon­cile or move on. How can you move for­ward with this hole in your heart?

Mental health 'Teen girl confrontation'

College Students Need Therapists

Amid a nationwide short­age, colleges and univer­sities are struggling to keep up with the demand for mental health services.

Emotions 'Troubled teens'

Troubled Teen Industry Loopholes

Residential youth treatment programs sometimes use questionable methods for behavioral health issues. Despite state laws, families still complain.

Woman 'Mother breastfeeding newborn baby'

Why Breast Milk is The Best Formula

Packaged formula for newborn babies saves time for mothers with secular careers. Here are ways and reasons to provide breast milk even with a busy schedule.


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Parents 'Raising Child Conceived From Rape'

Raising Child Conceived From Rape

Complexities escalate in a single-parent household when the man who raped you seeks joint custody or visitation rights.

Woman 'Woman defense against physical abuse'

Used, Abused and Renewed

Draw strength from the stories of men and women who over­come shack­les of emotional obsta­cles to renew their lives.

Parents 'Dads With Girls Entering Puberty'

Single-Parent Dads Explain Puberty To Girls

Your daughter is growing up. She needs more personal hygiene products and a trip to the gynecologist. Here’s how to remain calm and helpful.

Parents 'Moms With Boys Entering Puberty'

Single-Parent Moms Explain Puberty To Boys

You may feel like renting an R-rated movie in lieu of having the talk with your son. But there are some important things you both should know.

Education 'Female upset by pregnancy'

Effects of Teen Pregnancy on Education

An unexpected pregnancy can interrupt high school or higher education plans. Rather than coping in isolation, get the support to overcome challenges.

Relationships 'Cary Grant with Audrey Hepburn'

May-December Relationships

A May-December romance involves two parties having a considerable age difference between them. Who does it? What are pros and cons?

Mental health 'Intimate look'

When Love Becomes Obsession

After falling in love, devo­tion is the founda­tion of a long-lasting rela­tion­ship. For your safety, distin­guish devotion versus obsession.


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