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42 episodes tagged Thriller
'Monitoring network'

Cold Effect E7

A federal agent tries to turn a Genyologen employee into an asset.

Mystery 'Vaccination in shoulder'

Cold Effect E6

An undercover scientist anticipates inoculation as evidence of a coverup but it turns out to be something different.

Mystery 'Female interviewer'

Cold Effect E5

In an attempt to become a spy, Ray is in the middle of an interview at a major pharma­ceutical competitor.

Mystery 'Male scientist'

Cold Effect E4

The government recruits a scientist to go undercover as a spy to gather informa­tion about a serum to cure the rampant disease.

Mystery 'Laboratory serum'

Cold Effect E3

The largest pharma-tech company weighs the advan­tages of a con­sor­tium to battle a global health crisis.

Mystery 'Mother and newborn child'

Cold Effect E2

A major entity within the pharma­ceu­tical consor­tium discusses ramifica­tions of the Presidents’s inter­national speech.


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Cold Effect

Premiere: In the year 2092, this world teeters on the edge of a new millen­nium or human extinc­tion. But commercial and political tensions collide as solutions become manifest.

Finale 'Soaring Legacy 650e aircraft'

Organ Island E11

With little going according to plan, the captives are determined to get off the island or die trying in this nail-biting conclusion.

Thriller 'Dark Legacy 650E aircraft'

Organ Island E10

Stranded escapees discover that with insuffi­cient contin­gencies, seemingly perfect plans result in cascad­ing errors.

Thriller 'Dark jungle'

Organ Island E9

It has taken a week for captives to hatch an ambi­tious plan to over­take captors and leave the island after sunset.

Thriller 'Sunset silhouettes'

Organ Island E8

With final restraints removed, the team finalizes plans and sets a schedule to get off the island.

Thriller 'Tropical electrical storm clouds'

Organ Island E7

The group is finally working together to come up with a feasible plan for escaping off the island while a tropical storm is brewing.


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