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Heather wonders if Ryan stood her up because he got a better offer from another woman. “I can’t let him get away,” she thinks to herself. Sunday morning at a different gym, Heather is peering at Ryan on the treadmill through an interior window some distance away.

She previously activated a GPS app on his phone while synchronizing their calendars. As Ryan moves through pieces of equipment, she keeps an eye on him. An attractive female gym member asks Ryan for assistance with some weights. He happily obliges.

Heather then surprises him poolside when he emerges from the water. “Ryan? Are you a trainer at this gym?”

“Oh, Heather. Good to see you again… so soon. I was expecting you at the other location… tomorrow,” Ryan reacts with bewilderment.

“Since you weren’t at our usual location, I took a chance and visited another gym. Imagine my surprise when I saw you here. What’s that woman’s problem?”

“Yeah, I can imagine… the surprise. What woman are you talking about?”

“The one with those tiny weights who needed your assistance to lift. Do you think she’s pretty? I hope she doesn’t interfere with our getting smoothies.”

“Actually, it’s a short workout like I mentioned earlier. So I need to go. We’ll talk again soon,” Ryan says abruptly.

“Yeah, sure, we’ll talk soon,” Heather replies with an awkward kiss on his cheek.

Ryan is really freaked out. He doesn’t actually need to work today so he heads back home after the gym shower. Heather keeps tracking his whereabouts. She parks her car with tinted windows a few houses down across the street.

Hours later, Heather intercepts a pizza delivery gal going to Ryan’s front door, saying, “I’m happy to make it back in time from the gym.” Blocking her face with the box, Heather rings the doorbell.

When Ryan opens the door, Heather lowers the box and begins chatting before he can let out a verbal reaction, “Working from home on a Sunday? You need a pizza break. Looks like I got here just in time?”

“Heather, I can’t tell you how inappropriate it is to show up like this.”

“I took another chance to meet you and it paid off. Two for two.”

“I don’t even remember giving you my address. What is so important that we cannot discuss tomorrow?”

“It dawned on me that we didn’t coordinate our outfits for Monday. Then I bumped into the pizza delivery gal and told her I could take it the rest of the way here. While grilling me for all this backstory, the pizza is getting cold. Are you going to invite me in?”

“It is really not a good time,” Ryan protests.

“Why is lunch not a good time? You need to stop and eat. I’m hungry too. Remember, we are dating,” Heather points out.

“Technically, we have been on one date.”

“That depends on how you count. We went to the museum, to the restaurant, back to the museum, and now lunch. That doesn’t even count the gym visits. It is a little awkward standing on the porch holding your pizza. Just let me in and show me around before asking any more questions.”

Ryan reluctantly opens the door on which Heather is leaning.

“Wow, this is a nice place. I was thinking that it needed a woman’s touch but there’s a definite sense of style going on here. Did you get some assistance with decorating?”

“I do have an art background. Most of it is on me, but my ex-girlfriend provided some influences.”

“Where were you going to hang the picture of me?”

“I haven’t decided. Something else would have to come down off one of the walls.”

“Has your co-decorator been an ex for some time or is she an ex because of our seeing each other?”

“We broke up months ago. Here’s the thing, though. I don’t know how you keep tracking me down, but it needs to end. In fact, I think we should stop seeing each other.”

“I never imagined you could say something so hurtful. You did not even offer me a slice of pizza. What about your promise to hang my picture next weekend?

“Since you represent only 50 percent of the vote in our relationship, I vote that we need more time to work out the kinks,” Heather reasons.

“You can take the whole pizza. Please, just go.”

“Don’t be rude. I can’t eat an entire pizza. Where’s your plastic wrap. Let me take a few slices.”

Not wanting her anywhere near his kitchen knives, Ryan says, “Stay here. I’ll get you a container.”

“While you’re doing that, I need to relieve my bladder.” After doing so, Heather plants a tiny WiFi camera out of view in the bathroom.

They both enter the living room at the same time. Handing her the container, she places two slices inside and sits on the sofa to eat a third.

“Other than the gym, I don’t think we have much in common, to be frank,” Ryan says sternly.

“What are you talking about? You placed a value of a thousand dollars on my body during our first night out. We both love the arts, healthy smoothies, ramen noodles, and I could even get used to this pizza with— pineapples.

“Is this about the drawing? If you prefer to keep it here, go ahead. I don’t mind being the one extending visitation rights.”

“If you’re done with that slice of pizza, I can walk you to your car,” Ryan says while holding the front door open.

“I will be posing again at the college tomorrow if you want to come see me. You’re an artist. If you prefer, I can pose here?”

With no reply from Ryan, Heather gets up. Together they walk to the curb, but she does not want him to see her surveillance vehicle. So she walks down the street in the opposite direction as he looks on. She continues walking all the way around the block until stealthily slipping into her vehicle.

Her surveillance continues with a couple of pizza slices to munch on as the hours go by. With the remote camera, she watches without averting her gaze until the evening when Ryan showers.


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