Love Obsession E6

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Violent content advisory



Grabbing Brenda’s hair and staring her in the eyes, Heather threatens, “I will clock you into tomorrow if you scream. I’m going to remove the tape for you to answer—not ask—some questions. Nod if we are clear.”

Heather rummages through Brenda’s purse to get her ID card and phone. There’s about $150 in cash that she stuffs down her bra. Then she rips the tape off and asks, “What is your business with Ryan?”

“He’s my ex,” Brenda replies.

“You seem to misunderstand the meaning of ‘ex.’ Was he expecting you tonight?”


“Then it seems we should send him a little text…” Heather taps on Brenda’s keyboard…

Brenda “Ryan, last minute emergency. Sorry to cancel.

Brenda then asks, “Who are you? Why are you keeping me here?”

“Brenda, you were doing well, not asking questions. Now all I hear is ‘Blah, blah, blah. I want tape on my mouth.’” She then reapplies duct tape. “I hope you used the ladies’ room before you dressed up. It would be a shame to soil your skanky dress. Good night.”

Early in the morning, Heather slides a plastic pail containing a capful of Lysol over to Brenda. She pours half a bottle of water into it and hands her the remainder. Then she rips off the tape. “Drink!”

“Can I please go to the bathroom?”

“That’s what the bucket is for. If you’re shy, then you will need to stay down here with your own stench. You have five minutes.” Folding her arms, she watches as Brenda defecates into the bucket.

“Where’s the toilet paper?”

“It seems that I forgot that. You’ll have to rip a piece of cloth off your dress to wipe yourself.”

She puts tape back on Brenda’s lips and tells her, “I’m so jealous of how thin you will be when this is all over.” Before leaving the basement, she grabs the bucket to empty into the toilet bowl.

Now Heather wants to calmly address Ryan’s unfaithfulness. She lays on her bed beneath the large drawing of herself and sends a text.

Heather “Thanks again for hanging my picture. I have concert tickets for Saturday.

Ryan “That sounds great,” is his reply.

Heather “Remember our deal. Let me know if you want to see someone else.

Ryan Will do.

Heather begins to get worked up. She ponders, ‘Somebody is lying to me. Was he expecting Brenda or was she making a surprise visit?’

Ryan sends a text to Brenda out of concern…

Ryan Rather abrupt cancellation. Hope everything is fine.

Using Brenda’s phone, Heather texts back…

Brenda It was a mistake. You deserve someone better.


When Ryan picks Heather up for the concert, she inquires about the woman in her basement. “You don’t say much about your ex. What’s her name? Was it serious?”

“You could say things were serious between Brenda and me. We dated for about two years.”

“So you had sex with her?” Heather asks with a look of envy.

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate question, but we knew each other well.”

“Then why did you split, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“We had a difference in opinion.”

“Everyone does. We have differences in opinions. I was a little overzealous and you ghosted me. We work through them, right?”

“I guess.”

“Have either of you reached out to make amends?”

“This conversation sounds like you’re trying to set me up with my ex.”

“Quite the contrary. Our relationship seems to be progressing. I don’t want to get the rug yanked from beneath me if you desire her. So to be clear, do you still have feelings for her?”

“Honestly… I work hard to suppress them. She dumped me.”

“Thank you for sharing that vulnerability. She doesn’t appreciate you like I do. It’s time for you to move on. Let’s just forget about her and enjoy the music.”


After the concert, Heather returns to her basement to confront Brenda. “You smell pathetic in that whorish dress. I spoke to Ryan. He says that he is through with you and has moved on. So why did you think you could flash your thighs and disrupt the good thing he has going? I hate the sound of your voice but will remove the tape for your answer.”

“I didn’t know he was seeing anyone.”

“That’s no excuse for such a trashy move. I can see you’re getting weak. We will need to bring an end to this tomorrow.”

Saturday morning, Heather shoves a bucket over to Brenda and hands her a bottle of water. “I told you that you would slim down. When you finish up, it will be time to go.”

“If you won’t feed me, please let me go. I won’t bother Ryan again. If you won’t let me free, give me a fighting chance for survival in a forest.”

“I have already considered those options. But I want you to visit my garden. You have little strength to resist an athlete like me. Your only choices are to make this quick and clean or slow and messy.”

With duct tape over Brenda’s mouth, Heather unlocks the chain to the wall and zip ties Brenda’s wrists. “Come with me. It’s almost over.” Heather leads her captive to a shallow grave in the backyard.

“It’s time for you to rest. Do you prefer face up or down?” With a front kick, Heather concludes, “You’re right. It doesn’t matter.”

She then shovels over the body and plants rose buds in the moist soil while talking softly to herself. “Your calcium phosphate will make such great fertilizer.”

Heather then discards the chains and removes any other traces of Brenda’s existence. She stays up all night cleaning up and painting the basement to perfection.

Disappointed that she can’t remove paint residue from her fingers in time, she sends a text to Ryan, cancelling her Sunday morning gym appointment. In the shower, her heart begins racing. She wonders if she sent the message using Brenda’s phone.

Dripping wet, she runs to confirm. All is well. She puts on a robe to take Brenda’s phone in the backyard to smash it on a rock. She then sweeps the pieces into a bag and throws them into the garbage bin. Tuesday trash collection can’t come fast enough in her mind.

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