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'Women under 40 wearing pink'

Women Under 40 Breast Cancer Awareness

Unless there is a hereditary disposi­tion or specific symp­tom, mammo­gram screening begins at age 40. What can younger women do to protect breast health?

Woman 'Hysterical Pregnancy'

Hysterical Pregnancy Isn’t Funny

Known by several names, pseu­do­cyesis is a very real con­di­tion that per­plexes on­lookers with fantom preg­nancy symptoms.

Otolaryngology 'Elderly man with diplacusis'

Hear Twice as Much with Diplacusis

People with a rare dis­order called dipla­cusis hear dif­fer­ent tones in each ear. It’s like a very bad sur­round sound system with no off button.

Dermatology 'Necrotizing Fasciitis'

Necrotizing Fasciitis Danger

See a doctor right away if you have these symptoms after an injury or surgery.

Nephrology 'Man receiving dialysis treatment'

The Value of Dialysis

Severe dehydration, trauma, and other conditions can lead to kidney failure. Dialysis is an interim procedure until a kidney transplant is available.


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Nephrology 'Your Kidney is A Pain in the Back'

Your Kidney is a Pain in the Back

Problem kidneys can be manifested by changes in urination, backaches, fatigue, and in other ways.

Woman 'Why Cesarean Birth Rates Are So High'

Why Cesarean Birth Rates Are High

You might take Lamaze classes, seek out a midwife, and have regular consultations with your ob-gyn to prepare for a vaginal birth and still have a cesarean.

Physiotherapy 'Physiotherapist or Osteopath'

Physiotherapist or Osteopath

Which medical professional is best for your injury? Under­stand­ing differences between physio­therapy and osteopathy will get you in the right place.

Parents 'Female in exam room'

First Gynecological Visit

Parents should schedule the first gynecological consul­ta­tion near the age when most girls begin puberty.

Woman 'How Endometriosis Affects Pregnancy'

How Endometriosis Affects Pregnancy

Endometriosis complicates conception and pregnancy in many ways. If you conceive with this condition, have an ob-gyn monitor your health.

Cardiology 'Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Pain'

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

This chronic painful condition generally begins with pregnancy. What are the symptoms and factors that can increase pain?

Gastroenterology 'When You Should Take Probiotics'

Advantages of Probiotics

Some doctors do not address the collateral damage of broad-spectrum antibiotics. This article presents causes and treatments for microbial imbalance.


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