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'Ankylosing Spondylitis'

Ankylosing Spondylitis Onset

If you suffer from recur­ring acute back pain, you might have a form of inflam­ma­tory arthritis that limits your mobility.

Orthopedics 'Hip pain x-ray'

Candidate For Hip Replacement

If hip pain inter­feres with sitt­ing, stand­ing, walk­ing, driv­ing, work­ing, or shop­ping, you may be a candidate for hip replacement.

Neurology 'Female pain expression'

Dysesthesias – Nerve-Damaging Pain

Beyond headaches, most people assume trauma is necessary to experience pain. But this unspoken neurological condition may be the source of your discomfort.

Oncology 'Cervical examination'

Hysterectomy For Uterine Cancer

When a cervical endoscopy of the uterus reveals a polyp, the patient braces herself for an explanation of three types of hysterectomy.

Oncology 'Sad woman at party'

Hysterectomy Alternatives

Arlene’s doctor describes several noncancerous reasons why women receive hysterectomies, with prognosis for such treatments.


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Urology 'Neon wash room sign'

Is Incontinence Preventable?

After several accidental leaks, you may be wonder­ing if you’re develop­ing inconti­nence and wheth­er there are precau­tions to prevent or reverse it.

Gastroenterology 'Bowel obstruction grimacing woman'

Dangerous Bowel Obstruction

Adhesions, impac­tions, tumors and more can cause bowel obstruc­tions. What are the symp­toms and why are they medical emergencies?

Oncology 'Child cancer patient'

Bloodless Leukemia Treatment Options

Leukemia treatment typically involves stem cell and blood transfusion. These transfu­sion-free options offer hope for this cancer of the blood.

Cardiology 'Hands holding chest'

Living Through Angina

You might feel like you’re hav­ing a heart attack, but the symp­toms differ. What is angi­na, and is there any­thing you can do to pre­vent or treat it?

Cardiology 'EMT chest compression'

Improve Your Heart Health

Your heart is a muscle that requires care like any other organ in your body. Don’t take heartbeats for granted.

Cardiology 'Mature male jogger'

Effects of Aging Heart

Most muscles get a rest between work­outs. But not your heart. With billions of heart­beats during a life­time, it shows signs of wear as you age.

Oncology 'Mixologists pouring drinks at bar'

Avoid Liver Cancer Lifestyle

Your liver is an essential resilient organ. But with years of abuse, it can show signs of wear or even fail. Learn options for treating liver disease.


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