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'12 Effective Aphrodisiac Foods'

12 Effective Aphrodisiac Foods

Natural or artificial aphro­disiacs are things people consume to heighten senses for intimacy. Enjoy items available from your local market.

Mental health 'Adult Effects When Sexually Abused As Child'

Surviving Sexual Abuse

Some survivors of child­hood sexual abuse can function well in society. Others deal with psycho­lo­gi­cal, physical, and behavioral symptoms.

Woman 'Woman shaving pubic area'

Safely Shaving Your Pubes

How you groom your pubic hair is a personal choice. Women are generally more fastidious about grooming below the waist.

Dermatology 'Living With Genital Herpes'

Living With Genital Herpes

There are two types of herpes. Cold sores are com­mon mani­festa­tions of HSV-1. Genitals are breed­ing grounds for HSV-2. What can you expect with treat­ment?

Individual 'Female examining ambiguous genitalia'

Born With Ambiguous Genitalia

Under two percent of infants include atypical sex organs. What are the criteria for determination? Who decides the gender of infants, and what does it look like?


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Woman 'Clinical Distinctions of Male vs Female Nipples'

Male vs Female Nipple Distinctions

The ultimate appearance has no standard beyond what the entertainment media pro­motes. Nipple size and color charts depict normal nipple sizes and position.

Oncology 'Chances of Testicular Cancer'

What Are Chances of Testicular Cancer?

Paradoxically, this infrequent carcinoma within the male genitals is the number-one cancer in men ages 20 to 34.

Individual 'Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation'

Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation

Compare 18 birth control methods. Vasectomies do not affect testos­terone level, erections, climaxes, or sex drive. Women may receive a similar procedure.

Woman 'Frightened black girl beneath sheets'

Protect Girls From Mutilation

Female genital mutilation, done by cutters or medical doctors, can cause long-term physical and emotional problems.

Individual 'Marijuana plant'

Should You Take Medical Marijuana?

How do you balance the physical and social rami­fi­ca­tions of taking prescribed cannabis products for neurological conditions?

Woman 'Mastectomy Advancements'

Mastectomy Advancements

Radical mastectomies are rarely performed. Progress provides hope for what’s the most common type of cancer in the U.S.

Woman 'Is Breast Augmentation Necessary?'

Breast Augmentation Regrets

Because it is a potentially dangerous medical proce­dure with long-lasting conse­quences, make certain the reasons are not transient.


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