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'Black woman receives vaccination'

Who Gets Stronger Flu Vaccine?

Each year standard and high-dose influenza vaccines are available. Why are black and hispanic seniors left with a less powerful flu vaccine?

Prescriptions 'Female shoulder bandage'

Pharmacy Diagnosis and Treatment

Despite concern of doctors, pharmacists get more leeway to offer treatment with testing. Does this endanger or enhance healthcare?

Prescriptions 'How You Can Afford Expensive Drugs'

How You Can Afford Expensive Drugs

Listen to the Lillian Karabaic podcast to learn how to navigate high pharmaceutical prices for necessary prescriptions.

Immunology 'Masked man'

CDC Adopts Living-With-Covid Plan

The CDC’s early 2022 guidelines on Covid risk and masking send confounding signals.

Woman 'Black mom kisses child's feet'

Covid Vaccines Safe For Pregnant

Excluded from initial testing, pregnant mothers received unclear guidance on covid vaccines. New studies indicate efficacy.


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Gerontology 'Senior man bows head'

Seniors Lose Covid Confidence

Outdated: With ever-present reminders of mortality, seniors struggle to remain hopeful during the pandemic.

Disability 'Mother playing with child'

Special Needs Son Health Care

This doctor thought she could navigate U.S. health care. Then her autistic son needed help.

Prescriptions 'Senior man with Alzheimer's'

Aduhelm Alzheimer’s Drug Controversy

Medicare and healthcare providers battle expensive drug with question­able results. Inside the tug of war over a controver­sial Alzheimer’s prescription.

Nutrition 'Moscow mule cocktails'

Moscow Mule Health Hazard

Nurse warns that popular cocktail, called the Moscow mule, could be a health hazard due to the vessel and key ingredient.

Khn 'Couple holding white tiny house'

Tiny Houses for Homeless

How the tiny-home movement is providing more than just a roof to homeless people.

Mental health 'Teen girl confrontation'

College Students Need Therapists

Amid a nationwide short­age, colleges and univer­sities are struggling to keep up with the demand for mental health services.

Immunology 'Mother and son quarantine'

Day-6 Covid Isolation

Outdated: It’s day six of Covid, and a rapid antigen test comes back positive. stay home, say virologists.


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