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'Female brushing teeth'

Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Solution

Hospital-acquired pneumonia is killing patients. Yet there is a simple way to stop it.

Internist 'Surgeons in operating room'

Organ Transplants Are Up

Although organ transplants are up, the agency in charge of organ transplant is under fire.

Internist 'Empty hospital bed'

Rural Hospital Crisis

Some rural hospitals are in such bad shape, local governments are practically giving them away.

Internist 'Emergency hospital doctors'

Eliminate Medical Debt

Medical care can be life-saving, until the other shoe drops. How do you eliminate medical debt — or avoid it in the first place?

Oncology 'Katie Coleman'

Interview With Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

She’s 31, has stage 4 kidney cancer — and talked openly about it during a job interview. Here’s what happened.


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Internist 'Black male with white female por'

Should Patient Race Hinder Transplants?

Race is often used as medical shorthand for how bodies work. Some Doctors want to change that.

Internist 'Shopping mall escalators'

Health Systems Repurpose Malls

Vacant shopping malls are massive properties that attract the eye of enterprising health care systems.

Ob-gyn 'Newborn baby'

Frequent Cesarean Down South

High C-section rate is persistent problem for pregnant mothers, particularly down South.

Immunology 'Black woman receives vaccination'

Who Gets Stronger Flu Vaccine?

Each year standard and high-dose influenza vaccines are available. Why are black and hispanic seniors left with a less powerful flu vaccine?

Prescriptions 'Female shoulder bandage'

Pharmacy Diagnosis and Treatment

Despite concern of doctors, pharmacists get more leeway to offer treatment with testing. Does this endanger or enhance healthcare?

Prescriptions 'How You Can Afford Expensive Drugs'

How You Can Afford Expensive Drugs

Listen to the Lillian Karabaic podcast to learn how to navigate high pharmaceutical prices for necessary prescriptions.

Immunology 'Masked man'

CDC Adopts Living-With-Covid Plan

The CDC’s early 2022 guidelines on Covid risk and masking send confounding signals.


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