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'Male scientist'

Cold Effect E4

The government recruits a scientist to go undercover as a spy to gather informa­tion about a serum to cure the rampant disease.

Mystery 'Laboratory serum'

Cold Effect E3

The largest pharma-tech company weighs the advan­tages of a con­sor­tium to battle a global health crisis.

Mystery 'Mother and newborn child'

Cold Effect E2

A major entity within the pharma­ceu­tical consor­tium discusses ramifica­tions of the Presidents’s inter­national speech.

Thriller 'Speech'

Cold Effect

Premiere: In the year 2092, this world teeters on the edge of a new millen­nium or human extinc­tion. But commercial and political tensions collide as solutions become manifest.

Finale 'Man seated by waterfall'

Sickless Future E8

All alone, with limited resources, and fearful that others are tracking him, Dennis tries his best to maintain his sanity without advanced technology.

Scifi 'Sickless Future E7'

Sickless Future E7

Dennis makes a risky move for assis­tance while try­ing to evade authori­ties. Mean­while, Abigail has a moment of clarity regard­ing their plight.


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Scifi 'Dance party'

Sickless Future E6

Before cutting loose from society entirely, Dennis and Abigail explore ways to stay off the grid. Do they blend in with crowds or remain on backstreets?

Scifi 'Sickless Future E5'

Sickless Future E5

With Dennis and Abigail in the wind, their boss tries to piece together omis­sions in their data and track them down.

Scifi 'Seated woman talking'

Sickless Future E4

Without great options after return­ing home early from a doctor’s visit, Dennis contem­plates life on the run while access to technology remains.

Scifi 'Male doctor computer research'

Sickless Future E3

Dennis has the task of con­firm­ing Abigail’s suspi­cions. To gather more informa­tion, he needs to get from beneath his boss’s oversight.

Scifi 'Arches National Park, Utah'

Sickless Future E2

Dennis leaves for some weekend recreation with a workmate but his problems appear to multiply.

Scifi 'Male fitness workout'

Sickless Future

Premiere: During the year 2067, smart homes, auto­no­mous vehicles, and other technologies overtake essential services to bend reality in this sci-fi novella miniseries.


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