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8 episodes tagged History
'Hilltop Mediterranean homes'

Breath of Paradise E3

With wedding plans crushed by illness, Francesca reluctantly seeks comfort from family with undesirable effects in this remarkable miniseries conclusion.

Romance 'Homeless man laying on street'

Breath of Paradise E2

Mediterranean Algiers is under attack and suffer­ing many casualties, but not from war. Survival requires caution and ingenuity.

'Palazzo Medici Courtyard'

Breath of Paradise

Premiere: A 15th-century commercial building designer feels his value diminishing as the Renaissance era catapults other architects into the spotlight, where history, geography, and romance merge.

Finale 'Handcuffs behind bars'

Escape Death E5

In the exciting miniseries conclusion, Bello risks freedom to save his family. Now he faces consequences for the illegal use of hospital resources.

Drama 'Ethiopian young woman'

Escape Death E4

To support his remaining family, an unlicensed doctor has been perform­ing menial labor. Now one member requires major surgery.


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