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'Boardroom meeting applause'

Chambers Kids E10

Anecdotal studies from the youthful cures provide a compelling addendum to prior research for holistic approaches to traditional illnesses.

Drama 'Man handcuffs behind back'

Chambers Kids E9

Miss Chambers finds herself answering for activities of her students even when she is not instructing them.

Drama 'Herbal tea'

Chambers Kids E8

As children grow older, they discover creative uses for their medical talents, even if they do not always fall within the boundaries of the law.

Drama 'Two policemen'

Chambers Kids E7

Miss Chambers navigates the challenge of having a child fall ill on an unsanctioned field trip.

Drama 'Children boarding school bus'

Chambers Kids E6

Things go terribly wrong on an unsanc­tioned field trip with a group of children seeking medical remedies.

Drama 'Young students raise hands'

Chambers Kids E5

Miss Chambers discusses heart chambers with advancing youthful first-semester students.


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Drama 'Young students reading'

Chambers Kids E4

Showing signs of rapid pro­gress, the class­room of elemen­tary school stu­dents is learning how to treat abdominal ailments.

Drama 'Teaching geography and anatomy'

Chambers Kids E3

An overqualified instructor teaches an unsus­pect­ing class­room of grade-school students to sift out an elite group of young scientific minds.

Drama 'Beautiful seated woman'

Chambers Kids E2

After the loss of her brother from a protracted illness, Evelyn emerges with a plan to give meaning to her own life and that of others who suffer.

'Man on life-support machine'

Chambers Kids

Premiere: This novella mini­series reveals Evelyn’s love of education and aspirations to nurture young minds during the aftermath of­ a family tragedy.


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