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Publish Novellas 15 August 2021


After the loss of her brother from a protracted illness, Evelyn emerges with a plan to give meaning to her own life and that of others who suffer.

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The Resistance, January 2010

Danielle is a close friend

“Evelyn, this is a bad idea. You can’t just do things like this in America!” Danielle says with shock at the overconfidence that Evelyn imparts.

“Look, Danielle, it makes no sense anymore. I have many years’ worth of research here that shows that these things actually work. Why isn’t America willing to explore non-surgical ways of dealing with issues before cutting people up? I don’t have the kind of money that can finance a full-blown NGO for this. But I understand your concern,” Evelyn responds in defense.

Danielle looks at her with disapproval. “Have you considered the fact that something could go wrong?” she asks.

“I doubt that anything could go wrong. I will not ask anyone to stop any medication that they are on. I just want to give them much better chances at healing. I am a scientist, Danielle…” Evelyn replies.

There is silence in the room for a while. When Danielle looks up into Evelyn’s eyes again, there are tears. “You are going to treat underprivileged kids how to diagnose and treat their sick families holistically?”

“Yes, I am,” affirms Evelyn.

“You know what you are about to do right?” Danielle asks as she smiles through the tears.

“I think you just said it,” Evelyn replies.

“Are you about to breed little Einsteins?” Danielle asks.

Laughing, Evelyn responds, “Maybe not. It remains to be seen. I interview next week.”

Principle Interview

An elegant Evelyn with extensive credentials sits with her legs crossed, one over the other in the British fashion. The man opposite her, Principal Franklyn Snyder, glares in disbelief.

“Are you sure about what you’re saying? You want to teach here—with a Ph.D?”

She smiles at him with a calmness that unsettles her, more than him, as she replies. “Yes, I am certain.”

“But we can’t afford to pay you the wages of a Ph.D,” he says again.

Evelyn smiles, almost bursting into laughter, but maintains composure. “Let me see your offer,” she asks.

Still looking shocked, he writes a figure on the blank page of a notebook and slides it to her.

She glances at it and shrugs. “That’s fine.”

“Well then, welcome aboard Dr. Chambers,” says Principal Snyder.

She smiles her thanks. They each have well-defined plans that are unknown by the other party now shaking hands.

“When can I start?” she asks.

“You have already begun,” the principal replies.

“I’m sure that’s true. But please, I rather not draw attention to my doctorate…. Miss Chambers is preferable.”

As Miss Chambers begins teaching human biology, she is eying specific students for a special purpose. Their role is part of a larger plan that tests the limits of classroom instruction.

First-Class Teaching

The biology class is overcrowded in comparison to others in the school district. Many inner-city children come from families that cannot afford private schools or tutors.

Students require information from this class to graduate from the sixth grade. In the absence of a qualified instructor, a gym teacher had been filling in as the biology teacher for the first half of the semester.

Evelyn must get to know each student and develop a curriculum that includes all the material they require to pass to the next grade. Each night, she outlines her syllabus. Every day, she probes the minds and personal family situations of each student.

Writing her name on the chalkboard in perfect penmanship, she welcomes a raucous classroom of sixth-grade students. “My name is Miss Evelyn Chambers. I am a 35-year-old research scientist who has traveled the globe to gather enough real-world biology and medicine facts. I am here to teach you amazing things about the human body.

“As I go through the seating chart, I want each of you to do what I just did. State your name, your age, and something amazing about yourself or your family that other students may not know. Then tell me how you hope to benefit from biology.”

Evelyn categorizes the amazing things she discovers about the children and writes a list on the chalkboard beneath her name.

  • Caregivers
  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Creative writers
  • Musicians
  • Others

Next to the list, in the center of the chalkboard, she writes the word “Biology” and circles it. She draws lines from each of the abilities in the list to the circle. Then she draws a ray of arrows to the right of the circle to opportunities.

  • Scientist
  • Recording artist
  • Fine artist
  • Medicine
  • Author
  • Athlete

When she turns back around to face the students, Principal Snider is standing at the back of the classroom. His chest is sticking out like an inflated balloon while he nods and grins ear-to-ear. Evelyn refocuses on the students.

“I call this my career generator. The talents, interests, and special circum­stances you have now, go into the biology equalizer and come out as careers. They can be the ones I have listed here or others. Once you identify your career goal, the role biology plays will become more valuable to you. You will then succeed in this class and in life.

“For homework, write a one-page report on how biology is essential to your goal.”

The next day, most students turn in their papers. Evelyn enjoys reading some of them aloud. While every student benefits from the exercise, as the weeks pass, Evelyn builds a private list of caregivers with goals in science or medicine.


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