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Boardroom meeting applause
Publish Novellas 12 September 2021


Anecdotal studies from the youthful cures provide a compelling addendum to prior research for holistic approaches to traditional illnesses.

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Boardroom, December 2014


Every seat in the boardroom is filled, except one. Miss Chambers walks in toward the head of the table. This is the same spot she sat in nearly a decade earlier.

Back then, she unsuccessfully tried to convince the members to consider divesting into pharmaceuticals and less-invasive holistic treatment options for rare diseases and their symptoms.

She sits down now while maintaining eye contact with the same man who earlier had written her ideas off. Her presentation is done. Her suggestions are heard.

Now, it is time for the votes. Evelyn clears her throat while pushing her iPad a little away from her. She briefly considers saying:

‘I know the presentation is over, but I want to say for the sake of clarity that irrespective of what you all decide, I will go on with the division. I am now ready to take my brother’s part of the shares our parents left us. It will effectively make me the majority shareholder here.’

Instead, Evelyn says: “Thank you all for taking the time to cast your vote. Irrespective of how anyone votes today, I want us all to know that I respect and welcome your opinions. Thank you very much.” The table claps for her and she smiles back at them.

The chairman then responds with a smile, “All in favor, please raise your hand.” Of the ten people at the table, eight raise their hands.

“In that case, I am pleased to inform everyone here that we will be divesting into holistic pharmaceuticals for rare diseases and their symptoms. As part of our initial investment, we will be sponsoring some exceptional students to study at the university with contracts that require them to work with us for a stipulated number of years after they graduate….”

Her voice floats through the room as she describes her vision for the future. She knows this is just the beginning of her journey, but she is confident that things will work out perfectly.

“The first recipient of the award is Tanya Anderson, someone I have had the pleasure of mentoring since grade school. She is right outside the door. Please let her in,” Evelyn says.

When the door swings open, Tanya is overcome with excitement at coming so far from humble beginnings. To staccato applause, Evelyn announces, “Board members, this is Tanya Anderson, a hard-working student, brilliant mind, and recipient of the Derek Chambers Scholastic Scholarship award.

“Tanya, as you pursue your degree in molecular biology, you will reach a point when you are asked to intern somewhere. I hope you will consider interning here.”

“How can I express my gratitude? Thank you, everyone, for having confidence in me. Thank you, Miss Chambers, for all your love and support… Thank you… for being a role model… for coming to an unsuspecting classroom to introduce young minds like mine to your career generator…” Tanya says before her tearful words become inaudible through the applause.

Tanya and her mentor embrace tightly while streams of tears run down their faces.

Evelyn Chambers, a motherless career woman who lost all close family members, feels the satisfaction of helping those she views as her children to become successful in life. —Mark 10:14.

The End

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