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'Male orchestra conductor'

Orchestral Infamy

Battling physical and emotional obstacles, Pierre wants to shatter Mozart’s record of lifetime musical compositions.

'Female singer with band'

Rhythmic Metaverse

Three women unite after experiencing unrelated health scares. The challenges they must overcome lead to the next global entertainment phenomenon.

'DJ at rave party'

Creative Career Acid Test

In this colorful short story, a young lady begins her career as a visual artist. But soon finds herself fighting vices on the path to success.

Thriller 'Female underwater swimmer'

Love Obsession E4

Ryan struggles to convince Heather that he is uncom­fort­able with their relation­ship and that he needs more space.

'Treadmill runners'

Love Obsession

Premiere: An advertising art director pairs up with a secret admirer during a gym encounter, leading to a psychological thriller that dares anyone to interfere.


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Finale 'Hilltop Mediterranean homes'

Breath of Paradise E3

With wedding plans crushed by illness, Francesca reluctantly seeks comfort from family with undesirable effects in this remarkable miniseries conclusion.

Mystery 'Homeless man laying on street'

Breath of Paradise E2

Mediterranean Algiers is under attack and suffer­ing many casualties, but not from war. Survival requires caution and ingenuity.

'Palazzo Medici Courtyard'

Breath of Paradise

Premiere: A 15th century commercial building designer feels his value diminishing as the Renaissance era catapults other architects into the spotlight, where history, geography, and romance merge.

'Colorful dancing female'

Phat Phunkdom

In this melodic short story, a young African American woman with ambitions of becoming a hip-hop phenom­enon must overcome increas­ing abdominal pain that she suspects may indicate cancer.

'Female drinking water'

Sound Off

A sudden mystery illness causes ongoing anxiety as Sasha, with the aid of medical professionals, endeavors to uncover what interferes with her hearing.

Finale 'Young African American wedding couple'

Mixed Reality Therapy E3

Discover the shocking outcome of Ronny’s decisions whether to get married, where to live, and when to raise a family in this dramatic sci-fi conclusion.

Scifi 'African American male wears virtual reality glasses'

Mixed Reality Therapy E2

To relinquish him­self from a troubled past, a man goes beyond tradi­tional psycho­thera­py into a 3D world that is dimen­sions beyond augmented reality.


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