Monocular Tutor E3

Female exposing shoulder


A college art instructor and student exceed the ethical boundaries of private tutoring.

⚠️ This episode includes an instructor’s behavior that violates ethics involving an adult student. Continue with discretion.

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A Muse in Relationship


Miss Halter eases into the rationale behind Lloyd’s hour of ogling. “I’ve always admired the self-assurance of classroom models. Without apprehension, they remove a robe for scrutiny by a room of unknown artists. It’s an invigorating liberation you’ve allowed me to experience on a smaller scale.”

“You’re my Mona Lisa. Whether drawing you or not, viewing your every movement is an education in beautiful human form, that also increases your skill as a model and educator. You have some great-looking models in class too.”

Surprised he’s complimenting someone else’s body while hers remains in focus, Rebecca reacts, “I shouldn’t be jealous of that remark.”

Gesturing toward the framed artwork, Lloyd continues, “I’m flattered to see my drawings hanging on your living room walls. Where’s your artwork?”

“I moved my work to bedroom walls.”

Getting up and quickly walking toward the hallway, he asks, “Can I take a peek? Is it this way?”

She hesitantly acknowledges yes, while grabbing her robe to follow. He then closely admires each figure sketch. Afterward, he turns around to view her standing with an untethered robe.

He narrows the distance between them while slowly stepping toward her. “Forgive my thoughts and let me know if I do anything wrong, Miss Halter.”

“Perhaps you should call me Becky.”

He continues, “I like that, Becky. You are more beautiful than your artwork. If it makes a difference, I turned 18 this week. Just tell me what you want. I’m willing to learn.” With those words, it surprises neither of them how far things go.

Rebecca attempts to reconcile her inappropriate actions with recollections from sexual harassment seminars. “I hear about these situations on the news, never thinking it could happen to me. And yet, here we are, shamelessly violating every ethical instruction. It wouldn’t be quite as bad if you were a student that wasn’t in my class.

The conversation is a little too deep for Lloyd’s present moment of bliss. “Stop apologizing. It’s not like you lured me against my will.”

Rebecca continues emphasizing the consequences of their behavior. “I’m sorry. Maybe this is something you do with your peers but it jeopardizes my career. There are potential legal ramifications, and criticism from your parents.”

“Becky, I recognize the risk you’ve taken. Don’t worry. By keeping this to ourselves, there will be no bad consequences. If others do find out, I will deny any abuse, conceding that I encouraged the activity.”

Risky Diversion

“I appreciate your willingness to stand up for me. However, we must be realistic. Occupying your free time with private art tutoring will arouse suspicion unless you have platonic interaction with girls your age on campus.”

“I’ll handle it. I can go out in groups. That won’t make you jealous, will it?”

“Don’t give me a reason to be jealous. I can’t prevent you from having a variety of friends. But remember that your female friendships are platonic.”

“Okay, I understand the difference between friends and lovers. We’re more than friends, right? Unless I’m not the only student.”

“I never planned for this to happen with a student so this conversation is awkward. Was this a mistake or are you seeking a serious relationship?”

“I’ve been admiring you since we first met. Let’s not view this as a mistake.”

In that case, there’s another serious matter to consider—my biological clock. It may seem that your future is endless. Decades can flash by unless you make them count. By the time you graduate, I’ll be 30 years old. Before you know it, I’m 40, wondering if I’ll still be raising children in my 60s.

“A woman’s optimum fertility is between ages 25 and 27. I’m risking my motherhood, hoping to remain appealing to you after your graduation, when my chance of healthy conception is on the decline. There are additional risks to delaying pregnancy that I don’t want to think about. So thoughts of egg freezing and IVF become considerations. I’m sorry. Is this too much information?”

“No, I follow you. It’s almost like you need a guarantee of marriage to make waiting worthwhile.”

Rebecca expresses her willingness to make a sacrifice. “I hate to put that type of pressure on you. This conversation is even making me uncomfortable. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m manipulating you for a marriage commitment. We have much more to learn about each other. I just wanted to clarify the type of relationship I’m looking for at my age.”

“No. It’s good that we’re talking about this upfront. I look forward to spending my life with a beautiful woman like you.”

“Things might be moving too fast too soon. I’m planning your whole life after one indiscretion. Maybe it’s best to view this as a one-time secret encounter. If both of us are single after you graduate, we can explore whether there are any feelings worth rekindling.”

“I have another idea. Let’s continue what we already discussed. After I become a sophomore, we could secretly marry while living apart, even starting a family. That way you won’t have to wait until age 30, and you receive an early commitment.”

“If I accept your proposal, my student becomes my fiancé, which doesn’t sound like something to boast about. But I want to be someone’s bride—. And I want you to be my husband. Yes, Lloyd! Even without an engagement ring, I will eventually marry you. Your commitment eases some anxiety from what we’re doing.”

Thrilled with her acknowledgment, Lloyd reacts, “Thank you! I will cherish you as my fiancé and be proud to show you off as my bride in the future. Our conversation had moments of uncertainty. Let’s celebrate.”


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