Mature Finale

Monocular Tutor E7

Sad phone call


A once devoted fiancé, who appears to lose all control, suffers the consequences for his actions in this series finale.

Mature content advisory

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Jealous Backlash


Rebecca satisfied her maternal instinct before incurring an increased risk of genetic defects. But seeing the boasts of pregnancy and future nuptials on Vicky’s social media incenses the older mother-to-be. So Rebecca plots revenge. She pulls out the video footage of Lloyd’s backyard lurking and concocts a story of being raped and impregnated by a stalking student.

There are many holes in the accusation, beginning with the gallery of nude drawings with her face on them. There is also the admission to a neighbor that the relationship was consensual. Her attorney braces for a countersuit of sexual harassment that never presents itself. But before going to trial, Rebecca recants her testimony. The damage from news reports lingers, bringing public disgrace upon both of them.

Vicky breaks up with Lloyd and he drops out of college, which severs all contact with his friends there. Knowing how far Vicky’s willing to go, Jeff can’t pass up an opportunity. As her grades decline, Vicky becomes more strategic with her partners. She begins exchanging favors for term papers from students and soliciting professors for passing marks.

By the time she graduates, Vicky contracts HPV and births two more children. Lloyd hears about her and hopes that, like many women in her situation, she will turn her life around. But he doesn’t volunteer to assist.

The year following what would have been Lloyd’s graduation, Rebecca has remorse for sabotaging his education. She has not paid attention to Vicky’s social media since leaving the college. But now she is curious whether Vicky and Lloyd are together. After perusing photos and confirming Vicky’s single status on social media, Rebecca vacillates over making amends with him.

Lloyd assumes she has settled down with an older college professor. A reverse directory reveals a new phone number. While dialing, his phone rings.

Promising Reunion

Partially dressed while lying in bed, has Rebecca feeling amorous. She has an unrealistic hope that Lloyd is peering at her through his monocular. If he answers his phone while standing outside, it would mean all has been forgiven.

Rebecca is surprised to reach him on her first attempt to call. “Oh. Hello. It’s me, Becky—Halter. I’ll understand if you hang up. Hopefully, there’s time to say I’m sorry for not better controlling evil jealousy. My scorched-earth reaction with terrible accusations caused irreparable harm to both of our reputations. I’m no longer teaching. Instead, I now work as a restaurant hostess. But I’m not complaining.

“It was naive to believe that I could compete with youthful college girls, overwhelming you with a marriage commitment. After viewing the five children on Vicky’s social media, it’s obvious how she ensnared you. If you can forgive my senseless reactions, I want you to be part of our daughter’s life. Her name is Mona Lisa, after the nickname of your muse. She also has your last name on her birth certificate.

“Despite the obvious distraction, I believe we were in love. The child we produced is a daily reminder of that. If you’re not in a relationship, I’m available to resume being your muse. This phone call was risky. For my actions, I deserve to have you hang up and block this number without a word.”

“Becky, I’m touched by everything you said. As an artist, I miss my muse. Our relationship was built on so much deception, that I began lying to the person who mattered most.

“I never wanted to date anyone but you. Once that distraction began, she wouldn’t let up. Perhaps marrying you when I was a freshman should have maintained my focus.”

Rebecca chimes in. “I wish I dared to suggest that.”

“I’m not shifting the blame but Vicky exploited my weakness. I’ve learned the folly of juggling multiple women. My lack of self-control was the root of everything I’ve had to endure.

“Your accusations weren’t far from the truth. But there’s nothing you could do to make me stop loving you. So I never said a negative word about you to anyone. The scandal saved me from an unhappy marriage with Vicky. As soon as you end this call, I’ll be rushing to the arms of both Mona Lisas.”

Rebecca acknowledges, “Neither of us knew how to handle our feelings for one another. But I’m glad we have a second opportunity to get it right. With our history, how could I enjoy life with another man?”

“Is it true that a woman’s affection diminishes after marriage?”

“I want to say no, but physical changes and complexities of life affect emotions. Recognizing our age difference, I can say that I will try not to give you a reason to find satisfaction in younger arms.”

“I can’t get to your arms soon enough!”

Lloyd arrives at Rebecca’s home within the hour, he kneels with an engagement ring he’s been saving with the hope of a reunion. Then he hugs young Mona.

“She is so adorable!”

Following the red rose petals on the floor, they rekindle their relationship and then Rebecca responds, “My lovely sweetheart. I was a fool to let you go. Here’s a copy of the photo of me you admired. Maybe it will remind you that I’m yours during a moment of doubt. I’m ready to work through any obstacles for a successful family.”

Lloyd’s fine art career gains enough traction to support a family. The bond between him, Rebecca, and Mona grows stronger. In her mid-thirties, Rebecca gives birth to a son named Tylen, with Down syndrome. He exhibits savant creativity in the arts and, along with Mona, receives an abundance of love. Paintings of Tylen become some of Lloyd’s most popular works.

Rebecca commends her husband. “I’ve watched you mature into a responsible man and good provider. As I age, more rapidly than you, I hope you remember how much I love you.”

“I love you too, and am here for the duration.”

Learning firsthand how irresponsible actions can have devastating effects, inspires him to become a role model for his children. Lloyd quiets periodic thoughts of past dalliances, discards his monocular, and remains faithful throughout his happy marriage to Rebecca.

The End

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