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New Wolters Kluwer Posters

Drop it like it’s a lot! New shipment of human anatomy posters has arrived for immediate ordering. Also order new titles in advance.

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Something to Get Excited About

Take health information to a new level. During the 2023 calendar year, the number of ClinicalNovellas stories will double with special access to expiring articles.

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Novellas Transform Health Information

Become immersed within a clinical miniseries. Pick a novella and learn about health during and entertaining reading.

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Promote Your Novel

Between each new mini­series, there is usually a one-day gap. You have an opportunity to publish a linked excerpt from your book within these spaces.

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Find Similar Products

Product pages include a gold Find Similar button. If an item appears to be sold out or if you want multiple versions of an item, try using Find Similar.


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Deferred Payments

Hospitals and medical groups may qualify for 30-day deferred payment with a credit limit.

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The Best Articles You Never Saw

Unless you are a subscriber with an account who logs in two or more times per week, you may have missed some incredible gems.

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Preparing For Poster Sessions

An effective clinical poster presentation can have a multi-million dollar impact on a large company’s financial performance.

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Simplify Department Purchases Now

With pre-established purchase orders, distri­bute gift cards instead of credit cards to speed payments and track orders.

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26 Extraordinary Figure Painters 3

The remaining list of contemporary artists who are defying digital tools by painting canvases.

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26 Extraordinary Figure Painters 2

Enjoy the work of more contem­porary artists who are defying digital tools by paint­ing canvases.

Social media '26 Extraordinary Figure Painters'

26 Extraordinary Figure Painters

Enjoy the work of contem­porary artists defying digital tools by paint­ing canvases.


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