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26 Extraordinary Figure Painters 2

Woman painting on canvas

Contemporary Artist Biographies

Listed below are the various styles of some favorite artists in alpha­beti­cal order. Any who do not wish to be included will be removed upon request. Click respec­tive names to visit full image on Pinterest:

  1. Victor Grasso (American, b. 1977),
    Grasso enjoys infusing surrealistic elements within his realistic oil paintings with primarily female subjects.

  2. Christian Hook (Gibraltarian, b. 1971),
    As an expressionist artist, Hook adroitly uses grunge textures and abstract—sometimes double-exposures—in his figurative paintings.

  3. Jerome Lagarrigue (French, b. 1973),
    Lagarrigue combines expressionism with impressionism to produce grunge figurative portraits.

  4. Joseph Lorusso (American, b. 1966),
    Also listed among our favorite portrait artists, Lorusso primarily paints orange-lit barroom scenes and frequently red-nosed reposed females in an impressionist manner.

  5. Jeremy Mann (American, b. 1979),
    Mann borders between impressionist and expressionist as he evokes subdued emotion with a hint of realism in his oil paintings.

  6. Alyssa Monks (American, b. 1977),
    Frequently considered a hyperrealist, Monks actually uses discreet brush strokes on large canvases that reveal her underlying figurative impressionist style.

  7. Rachel Moseley (American),
    Moseley is a realist who prefers to focus on a single subject, whether a portrait or standing.

  8. Tim Okamura (Canadian, b. 1968),
    Okamura migrated to New York and since has been chronicling its various peoples with stark portraiture that combines mixed media.

  9. Gabriel Picart (Spanish, b. 1962),
    Generally painting detailed city scenes or females in relaxed poses, Picart is a master realist whose paintings invite the viewer to enter an imaginary world.

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Artist contact information is provided on their respective websites to address acquisition inquiries. Let me know in the comment section below if you would like to see additional featured artists. There are many more to explore on Pinterest.

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