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'Colorful fantasy wonderland'

Rewarding Paid Blog Members

For a nominal fee, subscribers can unlock additional content within ClinicalNovellas fictional and ClinicalReads non-fiction health article.

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Why Gender Matters

Why is there an option to select a pronoun when you register for an account on ClinicalPosters?

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New Site Sections

If you divide the ClinicalPosters website in halves, one side sells medical exam room products. On the other side are articles to read online for education and entertainment.

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Love To Read More

What makes the Clinical Mysteries Novellas so novel? The mini­series is for people like you who enjoy a ventur­ing on the wild side of action and mystery.

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Solve Clinical Mystery

Novellas clinical mysteries do not require diagnos­ing ail­ments. These entertain­ing stories feature people acquir­ing or over­coming health adversities.


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ClinicalPosters Affiliate Program

Outdated: Start earning commissions for directing people to the site you already know and love today.

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Exciting New Ventures

Complementing longstanding health articles, short novels, provide a mental diver­sion of creative writing entertain­ment for every individual.

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Liking LinkedIn

ClinicalPosters benefits from Kevin’s art gallery, print shop, design studio, advertis­ing agency, and program­ming back­ground as he develops content.

Fulfillment '10 Reasons Why Customers Do Not Receive Native Art'

No Native Art Files For Customers

Artists may supply low-res PDFs or JPEG files during approval stage. The final PDF includes more resources appro­pri­ate for the designate printer.

Social media 'Art of The Kiss Paintings'

Art of The Kiss Paintings

View 10 kisses masterfully recreated on canvas by contemporary artists.

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Wear Teleconference Jewelry

ClinicalPins make great conversa­tion pieces and can convey more special interests beyond medical categories during telemedicine and teleconferences.

Technology 'Maintain Car Battery Health'

Maintain Automobile Battery Health

More vehicles are strand­ed within garages while shelter­ing in place. In what climates are trickle chargers or a jump starters advisable?


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