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Publish News 25 June 2021

The single-digit ratio of visitors to sales requires affiliates to have a following of hundreds of thousands or more to receive any commissions. This option did not prove profitable for registered affiliates.


ClinicalPosters is happy to have served thousands of customers and millions of visitors over the past 12 years or more. Thank you for being one of them. It is time to reward you for your visits and for referring others to do the same.

An affiliate program is now integrated into the ClinicalPosters website. Just tell others how much you enjoy the products on this site and include a special link on your website or social media posts. For each resulting sale, you receive a commission. It could be a little or a lot, depending on how enthusiastic your recommendation is and who your audience is.

Link and Earn

Increase your commissions by using a link to one of our medical specialty bundle landing pages. Also highlight exclusive benefits of shopping at ClinicalPosters. These include premium double-thick satin UV lamination and durable DeuPair Frames. You can pick custom finishing options from the product page.

ClinicalPosters Benefits
  1. Shop exam-room posters by medical specialty.
  2. Grommetless double-thick hygienic UV lamination.
  3. Durable aluminum DeuPair Frames.
  4. Choose poster finishing on product page.
  5. Customize short-run anatomy posters.
  6. Fast motion picture poster licensing available.
  7. Customize medical conference scientific posters.
  8. Get custom lobby posters and flyers.
  9. Shop for books and flip-charts.
  10. Interact with anatomical models.
  11. Purchase wearable ClinicalPins.
  12. Access complimentary health articles.
  13. Keyword-tagged articles for personal interests.
  14. Enjoy online novel online short stories called ClinicalNovellas.
  15. Enjoy monthly discounts and specials.
  16. Unlock more benefits with login.

Login to your personal affiliate dashboard to create links and see how many of your referrals convert. You earn cold, hard cash—not a discount on future purchases. As an actively converting affiliate, you receive monthly commissions. Others receive commissions upon reaching an established threshold.

💡 Promotional Tips

Leave reviews on product pages of items you purchase from ClinicalPosters. Highlight one benefit at a time on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). According to customer checkout surveys, aspects customers enjoy most are product variety and site navigation.

The percentage of purchasers relative to visitors is small. To optimize results, promote to tens of thousands of potential buyers through all your social media accounts and websites.

On your website or blog, include your affiliate identification code within links to a specific product page, category or medical specialty bundle. When adding the link to your website, include a clearly worded affiliate link disclosure such as: “By clicking affiliate links, I may earn a small commission. Thanks.”

530 Link Referral (default)
  • 5% monthly commissions
  • 30-day cookie response time
360 Link Referral
  • 3% monthly commissions
  • 60-day cookie response time
Key Affiliate Features
  • PayPal Payouts after the 1st month
  • $150 average order value
  • $400–$1000 framed poster bundles

It is easy to become an affiliate. Start earning commissions for directing people to the site you already know and love today.

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