Extended-Use SPL Poster License


Obtain one license for each poster title. Get 22" x 28" (56 x 71 cm) SPL anatomy posters for motion picture, photo­graphy or video­graphy usage. ClinicalPosters does not set prices for third-party licensing. However, for this publisher, ClinicalPosters expedites approval.

  • One-time fee excludes price of poster
  • Global rights per poster for series duration
  • Choose from more than 40 poster titles
  • Fast turnaround usually within 1–3 days
  • Submit a non-exclusive Materials Release form obtained from your legal department for approval prior to fulfillment
  • Receive Scientific Publishing Ltd. signed release


Manufacturers invest thousands of dollars in the development of artwork for each poster. Holding the copyrights, they profit by spreading development cost over distribution of printed posters to many customers. End users may sometimes license additional use such as for motion pictures or photography sets.

ClinicalPosters is a distributer of posters from multiple publishers. Each establishes their own fees based on usage. As a convince, this site includes links to information required to access extended use fees. ClinicalPosters can broker the license.

  1. Understand Atrial Fibrillation|AFib and Ischemic Strokes Chart 22x28
  2. Understand COPD & Asthma Chart 22x28
  3. Understand Bacteria Chart 22x28
  4. Understand Viruses & Immune System Chart 22x28
  5. Understand Dermatomes Chart 22x28
  6. Understand Diseases of the Digestive System Chart 22x28
  7. Understand Ear Chart 22x28
  8. Understand Nose and Throat Chart 22x28
  9. Understand Female Reproductive System Chart 22x28
  10. Understand Lymphatic System Chart 22x28
  11. Understand Male Reproductive System Chart 22x28
  12. Understand Middle Ear Infections Chart 22x28
  13. Understand Musculoskeletal System Chart 22x28
  14. Understand Pregnancy & Birth Chart 22x28
  15. The The Brain Chart 22x28
  16. The Common Cold vs the Flu Chart 22x28
  17. The The Ear Chart 22x28
  18. The The Eye Chart 22x28
  19. Understand Effects of Smoking Chart 22x28
  20. The The Heart Chart 22x28
  21. Understand Integumentary System Chart 22x28
  22. The The Kidney Chart 22x28
  23. The The Liver Chart 22x28
  24. Understand Muscular System Chart 22x28
  25. Understand Pulmonary System Chart 22x28
  26. Understand Respiratory System Chart 22x28
  27. Understand Vascular System Chart 22x28
  28. Understand ACS Chart 22x28
  29. Understand Angina Chart 22x28
  30. Understand Arthritis Chart 22x28
  31. Understand Asthma Chart 22x28
  32. Understand Breast Cancer Chart 22x28
  33. Understand Cholesterol Chart 22x28
  34. Understand Depression Chart 22x28
  35. Understand Diabetes Chart 22x28
  36. Understand DVT Chart 22x28
  37. Understand Glaucoma Chart 22x28
  38. Understand Head & Neck Chart 22x28
  39. Understand Heart Disease Chart 22x28
  40. Understand IBS Chart 22x28
  41. Understand Meningitis Chart 22x28
  42. Understand Menopause Chart 22x28
  43. Understand Metabolic Syndrome Chart 22x28
  44. Understand Nutrition Chart 22x28
  45. Understand PAD Chart 22x28
  46. Understand Prostate Cancer Chart 22x28
  47. Understand Rheumatoid Arthritis Chart 22x28
  48. Understand Rhinitis Chart 22x28
  49. Understand Sinusitis Chart 22x28
  50. Understand Skin Chart 22x28
  51. Understand STIs Chart 22x28
  52. The The Spine Chart 22x28
  53. The The Teeth Chart 22x28

DeuPair Frames are ideal for movie sets. Not only do they look great, content can be quickly changed without removing frame from wall for consistent lighting and continuity.

When you login with either a licensing, marketing, motion pictures, photography, or attorney profession, an extra Extended Use button appears on poster product pages. It links to the page for the corresponding publisher.

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