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'Man and woman social distance on park bench'

Are People Less Social?

Do you feel more comfortable in isolation or are you eager to associate with as many people possible at conventions and vacation destinations?

Writing 'Woman sits with laptop on her lap and cappuccino in her hand'

How to Grow Your Blog Readership

If you are looking for a way to bring more traffic to your online blog, here is how to grow your blog readership.

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Working With Online Marketplaces

An online marketplace can provide the boost you need to catapult a career as a writer or creator of niche products. What are some cautions to consider?

Marketing 'Female hand avoidance'

The Engagement is Off

Your contact list can swell with custo­mers that make no purchases and request no marketing. In such cases, the engagement ends. How do you move on?

Marketing 'Interracial couple sitting on sofa'

Stranger Customers

Customers emerging from the pandemic may have quite different behavior patterns than they did pre-pandemic. Get to know them again.


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Marketing 'Mentoring'

Learn To Learn

The purpose of this blog is to make gems of wisdom more acces­sible. During the leisure of a lunch break, you can explore my mind.

Marketing 'Managing Shopify Customer Lists'

Managing Customer Lists

A Shopify customer can have eight or more account statuses. Which ones can you nurture and which ones should you delete?

Writing 'Writing Standards'

ClinicalPosters Writing Style Guide

These 16 tips will help elevate the quality of articles. This, in turn, encourages visitors to return and read more blog content.

Marketing 'How to Avoid Scams'

Don’t Get Scammed

A properly timed scam can derail a business heading for success. During an economic downturn, you may be even more vulnerable.

Marketing 'Run a Successful Business'

Can You Run a Successful Business?

Running your own business requires much more than doing something you enjoy. Here is a checklist to see if you are ready.

Marketing 'How To Sell During Pandemic'

What To Sell During Great Recession

During this difficult time, the goal is for depart­ment stores and online retailers to be serving the soup, not the one waiting in line for it.

Marketing 'Cut-Throat Dropshipping'

Cut-Throat Dropshipping

Everything a customer receives should have your branding on it or you are increasing the cost of acquisition.


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