The Engagement is Off

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Your contact list can swell with custo­mers that make no purchases and request no marketing. In such cases, the engagement ends. How do you move on?

Publish Insights 20 November 2021

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Inert followers inflate numbers without growing your brand or engag­ing with content. They are neither customers or ambassa­dors. By the very defini­tion, they carry no weight. Where do they come from and what do you do with them?

Origin: Out of curiosity, website visitors may respond to a pop-up box request­ing subscrip­tion. On a scale of one to ten, their true interest in your products may be way below your floor­boards. They signup to dismiss the box or prove that they know their own name.

After the first newsletter, visitors unsubscribe. They now show up in your customer list with as a no-sale customer who refuses market­ing. With no oppor­tuni­ties to send emails, an accumula­tion of these swells your customer list without providing any value.

Annulment: You spend valuable resources develop­ing products, writing content for core customers. When someone expresses a lack of interest, what do you do? As appealing as the high customer count might seem, it may be best to expunge inert customers. Focus on rewarding the ones that appreci­ate your services and products.

Main photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels.

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