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If you are feeling over­whelmed with the amount of writing necessary to run a business, you might consider using artificial intelligence.

Publish Insights 27 November 2021

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Are you frustrated from the catch-22 of writing blog articles? You require many stories but it takes much time. Scratch that. As a webmaster or content creator, you need much great content all of the time. Your options are:

  • Stay up late writing everything yourself.
  • Edit what you hire others to write.
  • Compose with AI-powered writing apps.

Artificial Intelligence Options

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made great strides in recent years. You might think of it as Grammerly meets Alexa for lunch at Westworld. Results vary by the proficiency of the programmers. Some apps generate seed text for you to embellish, while others attempt to compose an entire story. You might discover that an app either has a rudimentary sentence structure or it writes better than you do. [1]

The biggest issue with AI articles is finding your voice—establishing a unique tone that readers come to expect. You may have a sense of humor or special education that is unique to your blog.

AI information may be relevant and factual but not interesting. If your blog writes about something technical or specific, AI may not be for you. For example, I would not recommend AI for mystery stories, articles about your personal life, recipes, scientific papers, legal documents, or posts that explain computer programming. You may be able to think of other categories.

Recently, a company called Optiversal released an AI-powered plugin called Inspo for Shopify users. It does not claim to compose the final text. [2] It generates a starter copy for multiple sections and uses prior articles to suggest topics. It’s like having someone to kick around ideas within a staff meeting for a salary of less than $20 per month. You will still need to massage the text and add the details.

On the other end of the spectrum is Writesonic. [3] With monthly plans ranging from free to $500, it endeavors to fire your staff writers. It can suggest headlines, write advertisements, press releases, blog articles, and more. A grammar fixer is part of the program. Provide a title and a short description from which it expands into a full article. Here is a truncated example:

Should You Exercise At A Gym?

There isn’t any simple workout that will cause you to drop 10 pounds in a couple of days or develop a six-pack overnight but with hard work and exercise you can reach your fitness goals. A great gym has a variety of quality equipment that is tough to duplicate at home.

If you find it difficult to visit the gym every day despite having a membership, consider hiring a personal trainer. By working with an experienced fitness professional, you can guarantee you are following the best program possible to reach your goals. Check with your doctor if you have a health condition or if you experience abnormal symptoms that persist following workouts.

Most men and women think it’s necessary to spend loads of money to lose weight quickly. You don’t need to join a fitness club merely to tone up and shed a few pounds. There are ways to lose weight quickly on a tight budget. You may use things you have around your home like a quilt and sturdy chair to begin your household exercise program. Some people use canned goods for weightlifting. This can help tone but not build mass. You might spend a few dollars on a cushioned floor mat and some dumbbells. In the event your primary concern is money then a home gym is probably your best option.

It is important to exercise every day. You can rotate emphasis on the upper and lower extremities to allow muscles to recover. Regular exercise will not just assist with sugar cravings but it will also help to increase your metabolism. When dieting remember that a lot of cravings don’t last more than a quarter-hour so attempt to ride them out by drinking water…. 🤖

With a lengthy word count limit, the AI can drone on and on with general information. Sensing a bit of coldness in the cadence and similar sentence structure, a good writer can tell the difference. With anemic comma usage, there are no similes or metaphors. A crescendo of factual results is also absent. Nevertheless, you see that it’s possible to produce satisfactory text with virtually no input.

Possible Use For AI Articles

If you are a writer or an editor for a group of writers, artificial intelligence content may be sacrilege. A website developer might have the task of developing content as part of site design. With a tight budget, the developer may resort to populating pages with automatically generated text.

Is it frightening or impressive how adroit some AI platforms are becoming? For the time being, all articles at ClinicalPosters are handwritten. Hopefully, you can tell the difference. But it looks like we have some serious competition. [4,5] How might you use AI in your business?

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