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If you are starting a new online business or want to improve website traffic, you should write a ton of articles even if nobody is yet reading them.

Publish Insights 15 May 2021

Are you starting a new online business or do you want to improve website traffic? If so, you need to write your fingers off. Produce at least one hundred articles. Then, keep churning them out. Schedule blog articles a few times per week at first. Queue up as many as you can for your website, even if it seems no one reads them—yet.

Write To Humans For Robots

Today, at least a third the traffic on the Internet is non-human. Yes, robots love the Web. They crawl around looking for bits and bytes of information to populate other websites and search engines. As an e-commerce merchant, you should welcome the appetite of search engine robots. By indexing your website, they push content to humans who are looking to read your articles or buy your products.

As you continue publishing articles about the products or services you offer, the authority of your site grows. As your authority grows, your articles appear in the most optimum position of search results.

Don’t fall into a pattern of producing useless banter. Strive to include thought-provoking content. People who like what they read are likely to return for more.

Think of all the questions visitors may have about what you sell. Include those questions within article header tags. Provide informative answers within the body copy. Search engines love material with dates and keywords repeated throughout the text. Such factors help establish relevance. So don’t just write pithy articles, include search engine optimization. There is a balancing act to writing for humans and robots.

Improve Search Engine Results

Inbound links also improve site ranking. Important website are better than ones with little traffic. Instead of waiting for the big guys to link to your site, offer to write a guest article that includes a link back to your site. If content on your site changes frequently, search engine robots return more often.

Imagine the effect of someone typing in a few keywords into a third-party search engine about a something you offer and seeing the first-page fill up with pages from your website. The search engine built into your own website will also populate with helpful information for shoppers. So start writing and try not to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

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