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Identify Your Objective


There are many reasons for writing content that appears on the web. What is the reason for penning your article? You can write to entertain, to inform, to sell, or to educate. It is important to have a clear objective in mind.

Trying to do it all, in many cases, can reduce readership. It is like going to a buffet and scoop­ing every available dish onto your table. The oysters, spaghetti, sushi, fried chicken, and roast beef piled atop mash potatoes and cole­slaw might look like a bargain. But few people have the appetite to eat it all. An article can focus on one or two points, rather than being exhaustive.

While there is some overlap, writing for search engines is different from writing to entertain people. The specific goal of ranking better in more searches requires the use of keywords and long-tail keyword phases. This is evident on product pages or blog articles.

Product Descriptions For Search Engines

Write For Search Engines

Shoppers search for many key­words within posters on this site. Complete text of each poster is not within product descrip­tions. But the pages mention as many key phrases as possible. So someone searching for “heart attack poster,” can find the Heart Disease poster.

In paragraph form or lists, you can say something like, “This poster for examina­tion rooms explains such useful information as…” You want include dimensions and other important features for search engines. This text is secondary to the benefits customers need to see when landing on the product page.

Articles For Search Engines

Writing articles for search engines is a little different. A story needs to be engaging to read. At the same time, you want to include as many search phrases as possible. You can accomplish this with a series of questions or keywords within possible questions.

An introductory paragraph might say, “You might be wondering: Where can I find the best human anatomy posters? How can I hang durable 20x26 inch anatomical charts in my medical offices? Who has the best frames for hanging 22x28 inch anatomy charts? I will now discuss why the answer to each of these questions is ClinicalPosters.” Two well-ranking articles with this technique are:

  1. Is The SkinGun Real?
  2. Is Your Body Craving B12?

Say What’s On Their Mind

The SkinGun article rephrases many of the doubts people have about the product. The B12 article mentions many situations where adequate vitamin B12 is necessary. Both articles include tables, not only to include more keywords, but also summarize main points for readers. While writing, continue answering, “What is the next logical question a reader may have?”

Including many points about a topic can turn the article into a “buffet.” Use subheadings and good content organiza­tion so visitors can concen­trate on what matters most to them. You do not need to squeeze everything you know about a subject into one article.

To keep your text from over­whelming readers, defer some sections for separate articles. Linking to them allows readers to make separate trips to the buffet and plate manageable portions.

To support the writing of useful articles about writing, ClinicalPosters sells human anatomy charts, scientific posters and other products online. Also shop for ClinicalPins that include more than lapel pins or leave an encourag­ing comment to keep the work going.

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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

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