Are People Less Social?

Man and woman social distance on park bench

Do you feel more comfortable in isolation or are you eager to associate with as many people possible at conventions and vacation destinations?

Keep Your Distance

Are we emerging from the pandemic as less social beings? Isolation bred remote workers, meal delivery, and TikTok, along with a host of adverse emotions. Now that the world is opening up, with greater precaution, are people gravitating to business as usual? In many instances, the answer is no.

There his resistance as corporations recall workers to resume 40-hour work weeks. Employees prefer flextime schedules.

Social meeting places, like public gyms and coworking spaces, took a membership hit during the pandemic. They are now experiencing a resurgence. Large revenue-generating conventions are now often online.

Reinvent Yourself

How does all of this affect our lives as consumers or business owners. As with any global development, we must adapt to survive. Entrepreneurs are constantly reviewing and modifying business plans.

Ask yourself, in light of the current state of affairs, where will my livelihood be in five years? Plan now for the change.

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