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'Diabetes glucose monitor'

Semaglutide Halves Diabetes Obesity Risk

Doctors call Semaglutide a game changer in the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes among obese patients.

Immunology 'Black woman receives vaccination'

Who Gets Stronger Flu Vaccine?

Each year standard and high-dose influenza vaccines are available. Why are black and hispanic seniors left with a less powerful flu vaccine?

Prescriptions 'Female shoulder bandage'

Pharmacy Diagnosis and Treatment

Despite concern of doctors, pharmacists get more leeway to offer treatment with testing. Does this endanger or enhance healthcare?

Prescriptions 'How You Can Afford Expensive Drugs'

How You Can Afford Expensive Drugs

Listen to the Lillian Karabaic podcast to learn how to navigate high pharmaceutical prices for necessary prescriptions.

Prescriptions 'Senior man with Alzheimer's'

Aduhelm Alzheimer’s Drug Controversy

Medicare and healthcare providers battle expensive drug with question­able results. Inside the tug of war over a controver­sial Alzheimer’s prescription.


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Prescriptions 'Asian senior couple'

California Clinics to Cut Medicaid Rx

Budget cuts may cause California clinics provid­ing essen­tial Medicaid pre­scrip­tions to shut down. Some clinics may begin charging for drugs.

Cardiology 'Cholesterol Highs and Lows'

Cholesterol Highs and Lows

Most doctors have patient cholesterol guide­lines. Some grapple with the assertion of no evidence to support a specific choles­terol target level.

Individual 'Patients Monitoring Prescriptions'

Patients Must Monitor Prescriptions

In our healthcare system, physicians rarely monitor individual reaction to prescrip­tions. Evaluating drug response transfers to patients.

Prescriptions 'Tolerate Opioid Not Just Pain'

Can You Tolerate Opioids?

Much of the debate involves blamestorming — fining manufacturers and punishing physicians. Are patients benefiting or suffering?

Cardiology 'How To Reduce Cholesterol Without Statins'

Decrease Cholesterol Without Statins

You need to maintain low cholesterol levels. This waxy buildup within blood vessels may block a major artery, restricting oxygen to your brain.

Dermatology 'Dangers of Hydroquinone'

Dark Side of Hydroquinone

Why dermatologists are cautious about prescribing hydro­qui­none, which is one of the most effec­tive skin lighten­ing agents.

Prescriptions 'Consequences of Living With Pain Relievers'

Living With Pain Relievers is Not Entirely Pain-Free

Are you depen­dent upon pain relievers to per­form daily tasks? Untreated chronic pain can have dan­ger­ous physi­cal and emo­tional conse­quences.


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