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'Hands holding smartphone on toilet'

Urinalysis Nightmare

A man discovers an unsettling sight during a bathroom visit that leads to a sequence of rapid medical events with laggard resolution.

Internist 'How Entertainment Alters Our Desire For Diagnosis'

How Entertainment Alters Our Desire For Diagnosis

It’s entertaining to watch com­plex ill­nesses resolve within an hour. Has stand­ard for health­care lowered or is Hollywood raising expectations?

Prescriptions 'Why Patients Disregard Prescriptions'

Why Patients Disregard Prescriptions

Half of patients do not comply with prescription label directions. Here are reasons why with suggestions for improving medication adherence.


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Internist 'Patients Expect Just One Thing From Doctors'

Patients Expect Just One Thing From Doctors

While many patient expecta­­tions can be unreason­­able, others are practical. This hyper­bolic, insight­ful and sobering patient-perspective was published on KevinMD website.

Emotions 'Corpse in morgue'

Recalling Past Conversations With Dead Persons

Triggered by seemingly insignifi­cant events, memories of friends and relatives no longer with us enter my mind. Are such sympathe­tic reactions to death excised from physi­cians during med school?


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