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'Classroom social distancing'

Parents Find Disruption Is the New Normal

Outdated: Children are used to wearing masks as part of their attire. But returning to classrooms can increase the spread of covid within homes.

Immunology 'Home-test kit'

California Urges At-Home STI Tests

California has become the first state to require health insurance to cover at-home tests for sexually transmit­ted infections such as HIV, chlamydia, and syphilis.

Cosmetology 'Cosmetics For Melasma'

Blend Cosmetics To Conceal Melasma

Skin lightening creams are ineffective. So getting familiar with appropriate cosmetics can boost your self esteem.

Nutrition 'Food Allergies Interfere With Skincare'

Food Allergies Interfere With Skincare

Allergic skin sen­si­tivi­ties can disrupt the best skin­care routine. Here is how to assess the problem and improve appear­ance of your skin.

Orthopedics 'Osteopath touching back'

Why Doctors Won’t Fix Your Back

Pain in your lower back is excru­ciat­ing most days. But for years, your doctor explores options other than orthopedic surgery. Why the hesitation?


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Physiotherapy 'Acupuncture in prone position'

Is Acupuncture Out of The Question?

Patients obtaining a mea­sure of relief with acupunc­ture swear it cures every­thing. How does it work and what are realistic expectations?

Neurology 'Woman laying in coma'

Awakening From a Coma

A coma can result from trauma or is sometimes medically induced. What happens during a coma and what is the outlook for recovery?

Cardiology 'Apple Watch heart monitor'

Premature Ventricular Contractions

Occurring occasionally, Premature Ventricular Contractions can resolve on their own. Occurring frequently, PVCs can signal more serious conditions.

Physiotherapy 'Spinal stenosis stretch'

Narrowing Down Spinal Stenosis

Nerve compression trans­cends physical strength to immo­bilize the most power­ful patients. How can you dif­feren­ti­ate stenosis and resume normal activities?

Orthopedics 'Straightening Out Scoliosis'

Straightening Out Scoliosis

Spinal surgery for scoliosis is more of an aesthetic remedy than a medical resolution. What are the considerations before going under the knife?

Dermatology 'Vitiligo Arm'

Spotlight on Vitiligo

As a person with vitiligo, you no longer have to live in obscurity. Vitiligans are stepping into the spotlight with prominent careers.

Cosmetology 'Black woman long hair'

Grow More Hair With a Weave

Weaves provide style and volume to thin hair. Without the proper technique, you can end up with less hair than you began. Here is how to grow hair.


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