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'Senior man with Alzheimer's'

Aduhelm Alzheimer’s Drug Controversy

Medicare and healthcare providers battle expensive drug with question­able results. Inside the tug of war over a controver­sial Alzheimer’s prescription.

Nutrition 'Moscow mule cocktails'

Moscow Mule Health Hazard

Nurse warns that popular cocktail, called the Moscow mule, could be a health hazard due to the vessel and key ingredient.

Khn 'Couple holding white tiny house'

Tiny Houses for Homeless

How the tiny-home movement is providing more than just a roof to homeless people.

Mental health 'Teen girl confrontation'

College Students Need Therapists

Amid a nationwide short­age, colleges and univer­sities are struggling to keep up with the demand for mental health services.

Immunology 'Mother and son quarantine'

Day-6 Covid Isolation

Outdated: It’s day six of Covid, and a rapid antigen test comes back positive. stay home, say virologists.


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Prescriptions 'Asian senior couple'

California Clinics to Cut Medicaid Rx

Budget cuts may cause California clinics provid­ing essen­tial Medicaid pre­scrip­tions to shut down. Some clinics may begin charging for drugs.

Woman 'Pregnant patient seated on hospital bed'

No Time Off For Miscarriage

Following miscarriages, workers have few guarantees for time off or job-based help.

Oncology 'New York WTC Oculus Subway Architecture'

Uterine Cancer Patients Closer to 9/11 Benefits

Advisory committee approved recom­menda­tion to add uterine cancer to the list of diseases covered for people in the vicinity of 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Emotions 'Troubled teens'

Troubled Teen Industry Loopholes

Residential youth treatment programs sometimes use questionable methods for behavioral health issues. Despite state laws, families still complain.

Immunology 'Home Covid Test Package'

5 Things About ‘Free’ At-Home Covid Tests

Outdated: Every person with private insurance can get full coverage for eight rapid tests a month. Now what?

Cardiology 'Sleeping man with CPAP'

Stop Snoring Now

You feel sluggish in the morn­ing while every­one in the house sleeps with pil­lows over their heads. Here is how every­one can get a good night's sleep.

Internist 'Operating room doctors'

International Nurses Fill Hospital Pandemic Shortage

Outdated: Billings Clinic is just one of the scores of hospitals across the U.S. looking abroad to ease a shortage of nurses worsened by the pandemic.


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